Torquecars Online Route Planner

"Where On Earth?"

(For minor towns and other destinations use the format "Placename, County" ie Dover, Kent.)

We also recommend the following tips for getting the best out of your sat nav (or sat NAG).

Plan your route anywhere in the UK and get tips on using a Sat Nav properly.

1) Manually review the route and ensure your destination is correct.
2) Stick to main roads, the sat nav will often route your through slower narrow roads that in reality take much longer to traverse. When you are near to your destination then start to go off the main road.
3) Do use your brain, too many motorists end up in rivers, stuck in muddy fields or try to turn up railway lines because the sat nav told them to! Don't implicitly trust your sat nav.
4) Update your map software, roads change, speed limits and even one way directions can alter potentially ruining your Sat Nav's ability to plan your route for you.
5) Take a map and get a feel for the major towns along the route so you can make snap decisions at roundabouts and take an alternative route.

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