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The 370z is a good car tuning project to play with. Nissan took all the best bits of the 350z, improved the few weak spots and produced the stunning 370z.

Criticisms of it's earlier brother includes a lack of low down power which has been addressed to a large degree in the 370z with revised engine, all new intake headers and exhaust manifold design.

TorqueCars particularly like the automatic throttle blip when you change down, making you look like a driving pro. 

Improving the handling should be your first priority in your 370z tuning project. The standard handling is pretty good but aftermarket suspension kits will tighten things up just a little more.

Nissan 370z tuning

Handling modifications are top of many to do lists for the 370Z.

Setting some negative camber at the front and a few degrees of toe out, will often benefit your 370Z in handling and cornering.

We would go to a maximum drop of 20mm - 30 mm. on most models. You risk rubbing on the arches if you go lower than this.

You'll risk rubbing on those lovely flared arches if you go lower than this and it would be shame to compromise the great setup of this car.

(You should always get the camber reset and readjusted after a suspension tweak perhaps adding slight negative camber as the car is lowered.) Always get adjustable shocks to allow you to set the car up for your preferred driving style.

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Our aim in 370Z engine tuning should be to increase peak power and Torque at the top end.

The new engine is a real stormer but some still find it a little light on Torque at the lower rpm range.

370z make a bad driver seem like a driving god with the throttle blip on down changes!

Nissan 370z Tuning modifications.

Beware of high oil temperatures, these engines can run pretty hot on track days and we suggest you keep an eye on the oil temps. If you suffer from high temperatures then you will need to get an oil cooler fitted.

We also note that the engines NEED high octane fuel. If you put low octane in them you will suffer from a risk of detonation and premature wear. If there is no choice and you have to use low octane fuel then keep the engine speeds down to minimise the risk of damage.

There was just one (at the time of writing) engine options on the 370z, the VF37VHR.

This is much much stronger and better for tuning up than the early 350z engines, coping with upto 450hp with few issues, the former is safe to around 400hp.

These are the uprated modifications are usually carried out by our members, decide how far you want to push your car before you get going.

Getting the best tuning upgrade kits for your planned usage of the car is vital. Stage 3 competition upgrades just won't work well on the road and will make the car undrivable.

Stage 1 mods: Remap, Panel air filter, Sports exhaust, Alloy wheels, Suspension upgrade (drop 30mm - 40 mm.), Lighter flywheel.

Stage 2 mods: high flow fuel injector, Power/Sport clutch, fuel pump upgrades, Ported and polished head, Fast road cam.

Stage 3 mods: Adding or upgrading forced induction (turbo/supercharger), Engine balancing, Sports gearbox, Internal engine upgrades (pistons/head/valves), Competition cam.

Your goal when tuning should be a flat and wide torque band. You want to avoid sending all the torque to be at the top end of the rev range unless you are creating a competition car which lives at the top of the rev range.

In this article we shall give a little insight into the world to the best performance parts for your car, but we'd encourage you to spend some time on the site looking into the details of each type of performance mod.

A fast road cam with a duration of around 265 degrees will be one of the best power mods you can do mechanically to your engine (other than adding forced induction).

It maximises the intake and exhaust flow and increases the power if done right. Ideally you'd add other mods and finish up with a remap. We'd also caution you not to go with a competition cam as this upsets the engines idling and general town driving characteristics.

Don't forget to increase the fuelling when you are increasing the power - it makes the car more thirsty.

Using higher octane fuel is another option if you find you are suffering from pinking or premature ignition on your Nissan project after fitting other motorsport mods. Improved injectors will enable you to supply sufficient fuel to the engine.

Uprate the fuel pump to cope with the extra fuel requirements of your tuned 370Z's uprated injectors.

Nissan 370z Intake and Exhaust Tuning.

The next area for modification is the intake and exhaust. Please note that WE DO NOT FEEL YOU GET POWER GAINS FROM INDUCTION KITS, unless you have tuned your car extensively and are finding that the standard air intake has become a limitation.

Induction kits can work well on turbo engines and larger engines (if supplied with a suitable cold air feed or air box), generally though we'd just recommend for 370Z engines you should just fit a sports panel air filter preferably made from cotton.

Do not go with the biggest exhaust you can find this will slow up the exhaust flow rate - the best for power gains are usually between 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

Getting the head ported and polished will further help more air into each cylinder but Nissan have already done a great job on the 370z head. To get any improvement then you need to hand the job over to a professional with a flow bench. A 3 angle valve job will have an impact on performance as will porting and polishing the head and balancing and blueprinting.

Your clutch can seriously let you down if it starts to slip, especially if it is getting on a bit and the standard clutches are only ever good for power gains of upto 40%. Fit an uprated clutch to avoid power losses through the transmission.

Nissan 370z Wheel modifications.

The benefits of alloy wheels include lowering your unsprung weight and more efficient brake cooling via the extra air flow they allow.

If you are serious about performance then you will need to carefully choose your tires - ideally with a track legal slick tire. The drawback to large alloys on your 370Z is that you're altering your final drive ratio and this will have a detrimental effect on performance.

If you get big alloy wheels you will be changing your final drive ratio. Although some people have gone larger we would stick to a 18 inch rim size as the maximum with low profile tyres.

For more information on Tuning your car please join us in our friendly forum where you can discuss 370z options in more detail with our 370z owners. It would also be worth reading our unbiased Nissan tuning articles to get a full grasp of the benefits and drawbacks of each modification

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  1. Kris Dunn says:

    Great Information about,the 370Z!
    I want to either switch to,2 High Flow Air Filters & Better flowing Air Intake Pipes.What,would you recomend?What abot,a True old Air Intake with Filter for added HP & Tq.??

  2. Dave says:

    Great Info on the 370z

    Since the 370z Nismo comes with about 350hp, what upgrades are recommended with the idea of hitting 410-420bhp and keeping the ride as comfortable as possible.

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