Which is better a Nissan 350Z vs 370Z

"We compare the 350Z vs 370Z to see the pros and cons of each"

When deciding on the right car for you, between a 350z and 370z, it will depend much on your hopes, how you use the car and what you are aiming at long term.

Both the 350Z and 370Z offer much to the tuner. They are based on the same platform concept and have similar stats, so let's break this down and help you determine which is the better project car for you.

The 370Z is newer so does that mean it is better? Here is our take on the popular 350z vs 370z debate. Which is better? Which would be a better project car? What are the plus points and minus points of each of these great cars?

Many think of the 370Z as being a mk2 350Z improving on the previous model, but is this a fair comparison?

We are sure the 350Z vs 370Z will continue to rage on, but we shall take an impartial look at these two cars and make a comparison between them highlighting the pros and cons of each.

See our video which covers all the principles of choosing a project car and may help you decide between 350Z and 370Z.

Comparing a 350Z with the 370Z

The 370Z has better styling than the 350Z, advances in trim, suspension, engines, lights and chassis design have all helped improve the winning formula of the 350z!

The 350z is very equipped from the factory with power and excellent handling characteristics and made its mark on the automotive world.

The mid cycle 350Z facelift model left much untouched but tweaks were made to the engine giving a much wider power band. This answered criticism of the original. True to the Z heritage the 350z has become a cult car in it's own time.

The 2007 VQ35HR had a higher redline and produced more peak power and had a better Torque band.

Interior wise the 370Z feels more grown up, executive and dare we say it luxurious.

The 370Z is lighter than is predecessor and feels a lot more nimble in the corners than the 350z.

Criticisms of it's earlier brother includes a lack of low down power which has been addressed to a large degree in the 370z with revised engine, all new intake manifolds and exhaust header/manifold design.

Overview Of The Nissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z also known as Z33 among car enthusiasts and as Nissan Fairlady Z in the Japanese market is a two-door racing car that followed the footsteps of the legendary Nissan Z-line which was initially offered in 1969.

The 350Z is one of the most iconic vehicles from the Japanese automaker and carries a timeless design.

We are already seeing prices of early mint 350z starting to climb, so this could well make a good investment, in addition to a fun project.

What is the history of the 350Z and what variants and trims were offered.

Years of Production

The Coupe version of 350Z remained in production for six years from 2002 to 2008 whereas the Roadster version was offered from 2003 to 2008.


The coupe variant was offered in the following five trim options:

  • Base;
  • Enthusiast;
  • Performance;
  • Touring;
  • Track.

This enabled the vehicles to categorically address the needs and wants of customers.

NISMO Variants

It is worth noting that the vehicle was also offered under the NISMO badging. These models offered enhanced performance figures.

The following NISMO variants of the vehicle were offered by Nissan:

  • NISMO R-Tune;
  • NISMO S-Tune GT;
  • NISMO 350Z.

However, all three of the above-mentioned variants were offered in different periods.

Performance Figures

The 350Z came with a 3.5 liter V6 engine. The vehicle delivered an impressive 306 hp and 268 lb-ft torque.

This was particularly impressive for the time when the vehicle was launched and thus propelled it from a standstill to 60mph in under 6 seconds. The exclusive NISMO versions performed the same in 5.2 seconds.

The best quarter-mile time for the NISMO variant was 13.7 seconds.


The vehicles came standard with six-speed manual transmissions. However, the option of choosing the five-speed automatic transmission was also provided for those who were not comfortable with the stick shift.

The unique part of the automatic transmission was the provision of the Downshift Rev Matching feature.

Overview Of The Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z was the successor of the automaker’s 350Z model which had been a huge global success.

The 370Z is unique in that it was the last production vehicle that had a manual transmission along with a naturally aspirated V6 engine.

Production Years

The 370Z remained in production for around 12 years from 2008 to 2020. This also appreciates the unique design language of the 350Z which only saw minor tweaks in the successor 370Z model.

The lights and interior were the main areas of revision visually.

The car's extremely appealing design had a drag coefficient of 0.3, while the Sports Package brought it further down to 0.29.

So what is the model history of the 370z and what variants were offered.

Different Variants

The 370Z was offered in the following variants:

  • Coupe;
  • Roadster;
  • NISMO.

Engine Options

All Nissan 370Z models were offered with the same 3.7-liter V6 engine with the code VQ37VHR.

However, the horsepower and torque of the different models offered around the world varied. Here is how these figures differed depending upon the region:

  • The North American version had 332hp and 269 lbft;
  • The Black Edition had 324 hp;
  • The European version had 326 hp and 270 lbft;
  • The UK version had 324 hp and 268 lbft;
  • The NISMO version had 350hp and 276 lbft.

Transmission Options

The 370Z was offered with the following transmission options:

  • 6-speed manual transmission;
  • 7-speed automatic transmission with pedal shifters.


The best performance from the Nissan 370Z was as under:

  • Quarter mile time: 12.8 seconds;
  • 0 to 60 mph time of 4.5 seconds.

Test Drive Comparison Between 350Z and 370Z

The most significant difference between the two cars was in terms of their acceleration.

The significantly different 0 to 60 mph times were evident as soon as the driver pushed the pedal.

  • More Powerful Engine

The improved performance of the 370Z was due to its VQ37VHR engine which showed its superiority over the VQ35DE present in the 350Z.

  • Sleeker & More Agile

The 350Z was almost 4 inches longer than the 370Z which made the latter more nimble and agile.

In addition to this, the relatively low height of the 370Z meant that the vehicle had better cornering than the previous generation 350Z.

Let's compare Performance stats

350Z Performance Stats

Pre 2007 - these had issues with the intake restricting performance, a revised uprated plenum is recommended.

A rev up (on downchange) version was added in 2005 in the form of the Track edition and Special anniversary edition, the engine has dual VVT and puts out around 300hp.

See our guide to VQ35DE tuning for more information on this engine.

  • 300hp 260 lbft 0-60: 5.1 Seconds  VQ35DE (Rev up)
  • 306hp 263 lbft 5.2 seconds VQ35DE
  • 276hp 268 lbft 0-60 5.9 VQ35DE

There was a 2007 facelift on the 350z with the VQ35HR engine (More torquey and better economy, but really needs premium gasoline.)

The HR engine had a higher compression ratio and boasts dual variable valve timing.

See our guide to VQ35HR tuning for more information on this engine.

  • 308hp 0-60 5.8s 264 lbft VQ35HR
  • 300hp 0-60 6.1 265 lbft VQ35HR
  • 313hp 0-60 5.5 260 lbft VQ35HR

370Z Performance Stats

There were quite a few limited edition models offered and power varied from region to region, but the common power and performance outputs are cited below.

  • 370Z Nismo 2018 350hp 276lbft VQ37VHR 0-60 : 4.9 Seconds
  • 370Z Coupe 2018 332hp 270lbft VQ37VHR 0-60 : 5.2 Seconds
  • 2013 370ZRoadster 324hp 268lbft  VQ37VHR 0-60 5.5 Seconds
  • 2009 370Z 328hp  268lbft VQ37VHR 0-60 5.0 Seconds

See our guide to VQ37VHR tuning for more information on this engine.

Which Is Better To Take For A Spin?

So, if you ask me which one is better to take for a spin, the answer would definitely be the 370Z due to its significant power advantage and better handling.

However, the same might not be true regarding the design as for some fans, the Nissan 350Z is still the best looking racing car in the eyes of many.

Power and gearbox improvements

350Z boasted a not unreasonable 308bhp with the 370Z coming along with between 330 and 350bhp.

The 370z gearbox came with an extra 2 gears and featured a rev up on down change feature.

We would argue that a good driver does this anyway and does not need help, but it is an unusual feature on a production performance car.

If the 370Z is such an improvement then why would you buy the 350z?

The VQ35DE engine has been around longer than the VQ37VHR so benefits from a wider range of performance parts.

This actually makes sense from a tuning point of view meaning you get more power options at a lower price with a 350z

See our engine tuning guide to see what's possible on this great Nissan engine.

VQ35DE tuning guide

Read our comprehensive guide to tuning modifying and improving the Nissan VQ35DE.

We include tips on adding turbos, and tuning the engine and a look at weak spots in this engine and how you can address those.

The 350z is also much cheaper to buy in the first place, meaning you get a serious amount of car and performance for your money.

We have more fun driving the 350z it seems so much more raw and engaging and track focused.

The 370Z is a better daily driver, but the 350Z is easier to modify and more of a track day fun car project to have!

However, if you are looking for a semi practical sports car for commuting then the 370Z makes more sense here.

Styling & Comfort comparisons between the 350Z vs 370Z

How Do The Interiors Of Both Cars Compare?

When on the inside, the interior of the 370Z is not much of an improvement over the 350Z. Most of the interior parts look and feel the same.

However, the shorter wheelbase and the reduced height of the car give it a squished feeling and thus depending upon the driver’s height, the 370Z might not be as relaxing to sit as the 350Z.

Which Is More Comfortable 350Z or the 370Z?

The Nissan 370Z had adjustable coil-over spring shocks. These shocks were present on the Aluminum front lower control arms.

The advanced suspension system of the vehicle delivers a much more comfortable driving experience than the 350Z.

Even the 350Z delivers excellent comfort for the passengers, particularly at this price point, and is no slouch but the refined and newer system of the 370Z makes it the winner in this category which is absolutely no surprise.

350Z’s Interior Seems Outdated

The 370Z is a more advanced vehicle of the two and offers relatively more features.

For example, the early models of the 350Z didn’t even have an infotainment display which makes complete sense since the vehicles were launched almost two decades ago.

Loads of Aftermarket Parts

However, aftermarket components of the 350Z are in abundance which means that upgrading the 350Z is quite easy and car enthusiasts can choose whatever they want to upgrade.

Which Is More Fun To Drive between a 350Z vs 370Z?

The 370Z being the newer version of the vehicle is more refined out of the two which makes it more fun to drive. Furthermore, the vehicle has better performance figures.

It has a bolder and wider look which makes it not just more fun to drive but also to own one.

You might want to read more about the tuning options for each car before you make a final decision but for us, if we were looking for a value for money project car the 350Z would be our choice.

350Z vs 370Z Tuning guides

TorqueCars have written a couple of popular tuning guides for the 350Z and 370Z which make for an interesting comparison.

Your choice of which car is better has a lot to do with your requirements, needs and expectations and when you review the tuning options and upgrades it may well help shape your opinions.

Tuning the Nissan 350z

Nissan 350z Tuning Tips “The “Z” is presumably for Zoom.”

A stunning piece of machinery from the Nissan Stable the 350Z was a return to form for the Nissan Z cars.

Nissan 370z Tuning

The 370z is a good car tuning project to play with. Nissan took all the best bits of the 350z, improved the weak spots and produced the stunning 370z.

Criticisms of it’s earlier brother includes a lack of low down power which has been addressed to a large degree in the 370z.

When NISMO get hold of a car they really tweak and improve things and their efforts can be seen in the NISMO 370Z giving more power, better handling and new transmission.

When they did this to the NISMO tuned 350Z *(the Type 370RS) we see some impressive power gains (reaching 348hp) on the race version it hit around 400ps, and I would argue they made a better track day car than the 370Z.

Some of our members recommended the following aftermarket ECU's from their projects. You'll generally find harnesses available now for most of the aftermarket ECU options for these engines.

  • LINK G4X
  • Megasquirt
  • Apexi
  • Syvecs
  • Haltech Elite 1000/1500
  • IMPUL Hi Power

An aftermarket ECU is harder to setup and requires some specialist knowledge of your engine and parts you've fitted, but gives better performance and helps you optimize the timing and fuelling to a fine degree of accuracy - we suggest you go for the Link G4+ (or a G4 with an external knock control unit) or the better but more expensive Syvecs ECU (the upgraded data logging feature is extremely useful)

My decision is based on building a great track day car and getting the most smiles from my money.

Which Is Better Value For Money the 350Z vs 370Z?

The Nissan 350Z and 370Z have always been famous for delivering the best value for money. This has been one of the reasons behind their success.

Choosing On A Tight Budget?

If you are on a tight budget which one should you choose?

Keeping in mind the performance and styling, the 370Z is a more refined vehicle with better output.

However, the price difference between the two cars is significant mainly because the production of the 350Z was stopped in 2008 whereas the 370Z remained available until 2020.

350Z Is The Better Option On A Tight Budget

I would suggest going for the 350Z for people on a tight budget as they can make a few minor tweaks to the vehicle’s interior to make it comparable to the one offered by the 370Z.

The performance improvement might have been a big leap forward when the newer generation vehicle was launched, however, it won’t matter much in day to day usage.

And as a majority of the 350Z owners won’t be racing their vehicles most of the time, they won’t even feel how slow their 350Z is as compared to the 370Z.

The best part is that while the design difference of the two cars might seem gargantuan to those who know what they are looking at, most people won’t even be able to spot any variance unless both of them are parked side by side.

And in that case, too, most people will consider the 370Z as an aftermarket modified version of the 350Z.

Which Is The Overall Better Car a 350Z or the 370Z?

The answer is subjective. For anyone having the money to buy the newer version, why would he even think of getting a vehicle whose production was stopped more than a decade ago?

The 350Z, on the other hand, is the way to go for anyone who wants to have a comparable experience to that offered by the newer version of the vehicle and also wants to emulate owning the newer car, but on a budget.


So here are the Pros and Cons of both vehicles which will help you decide which the better one for you is.


Let’s start with the pros of the newer 370Z.

370Z Pros

  1. Better performance;
  2. Bolder & newer design language;
  3. Relatively more comfortable;
  4. Spacious trunk;
  5. Better suspension.

Here are some of its cons:

370Z Cons

  1. Higher price. (this is coming down now though)


Here are the pros of the relatively older Nissan 350Z.

350Z Pros

  1. Lower price;
  2. High resemblance with the latest model at a fraction of its cost;
  3. Relatively good performance;
  4. High value for money.

350Z Cons

Keeping the below-mentioned cons in mind might be a good idea to avoid making a wrong decision:

  1. Performance not as good as the 370Z;
  2. Interior might not be very comfortable and may not be in a good shape after bearing the brunt of time;
  3. Might need some major repairs being an older car, thus necessitating higher maintenance costs.

While the only major con of the 370Z is its higher price, the 350Z has a long list of things that may or may not go wrong.

So which would we go for out of a 350Z & 370Z?

Thus, I would say that the 370Z is an overall better vehicle to own and after buying a relatively newer vehicle, you can have peace of mind and keep it with you for the next couple of years while getting excellent value for money.

The 370Z will surely depreciate to more affordable levels, and the range of parts is always growing, which takes away the two advantages we see in the 350Z.

So personally I would choose the 370Z, but if you decided to go for the 350Z you would not be disappointed as it is still a very credible car and fun track day car.

I'll be interested to read your comments on this debate and I note that at the time of writing we have more members with a 350Z than a 370Z but it will be interesting to see if this carries out over the years to come.

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