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"Tuning the sexy 200"

Nissan have a pretty good track record when it comes to making cool cars.

The 200 SX is certainly no exception. The S14 is based on the SR20DET engine you have a fantastic base for a tuning project.

The S13 has the lower powered CA18DET 1.8 Turbo engine but is still a pretty potent performer.

Some 200 SX owners have done engine swaps including the twin turbo unit from the 300ZX and a variety of other Nissan Blocks upto and including the Skyline RB25 block.

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The 200SX is a brilliant fun sports coupe from Nissan and a practical daily run around.

The performance and handling of the standard car is very good and will respond very well to tuning. Indeed the block is over specified for the base power figures. The original cars include a Garrett T28 unit which is a pretty good base.

Dropping in a larger turbo is an option for those wanting to get larger power gains. The standard block can reportedly handle power gains upto 300bhp with more on offer with some strengthening mods.

Turbo cars will benefit from a boost controller and a remap to get the best results. This allows a steady and consistent power delivery.

We would get the engine stripped out and fully balanced and fit forged components. Adding a cryogenic engine treatment will also enhance the durability of the engine and reduce internal friction.

Brakes should be fairly high up on your list of modifications. The standard brakes are pretty good but with a grippy fast road pad you dramatically reduce your stopping distance. Add a larger vented disk and 6 pot caliper and you have some very serious stopping power indeed.

Suspension mods are many and varied. The 200sx is popular for drifting and there are a lot of drift specific suspension components around for it. If you are drifting then you will need a welded or locked diff. We recommend  a drop of no more than 40 mm for best results and would advise you to keep the rim size to 16 inches.

Wide body kits, flared arches and other body mods will allow the fitment of substantially wider wheels and a slightly wider track which greatly improves handling.

For improved peak power you should add an induction kit with a cold air feed and a full sports exhaust with a sports cat. Add to this a fast road camshaft and you have a potent track day weapon.

Why not join us in our forum to see what other 200SX owners have done and swap tuning tips with them.

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    Kaaz 2 way LSD are the drifters no 1 choice over here

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