Zwaf's Seat Ibiza mk4

As promised here are pictures of my not very much tuned Ibiza.

One month ago it was like this:


Then I instaled this:


That is Koni sport schocks and Platimex -40mm springs. Very pleased with it. If someone would like to read it I could make some kind of review after some more miles.

After instaling it looked like this:


Looks like wheel spacers would do justice for visual apearance?

Yes! It would:


And one picture of work place:

P.S. How come I can not make all pics big like those two in a midle? Can someone help with sugestion?
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Got a rear strut brace!
No pics yet but it is the one on above picture.
So far no test done,but will.
Nice work mate. I bet you're looking forward to getting that on!

P.S. Shhh is correct. Pssst is more like trying to get someone's attention but trying not to make any noise (if that makes sense).
Nice work mate. I bet you're looking forward to getting that on!

O yeah! Here it is in my trunk: :)

Initial thoughts are:

So far no squicking coming out of rear seats. Previosly there was sqeeking after front brace instaled. During semi hard driving i'm not sure i have noticed any change. Maybe, but not sure, in curves which closes at the exit i hear no noice coming out of rear seats. (happens ocassionally before) But that is very hard to prove empiricaly for me and, honestly, don't have the will to do.

There was previously made holes (by factory!) in the trunk on the carpet which leads to chassis. I'm not sure that brace is indeed strut brace, but we can say it is chassis brace. Instalation is easy. 2 minute job and no tool required.
Haven't got enough vocabilary to explain the system used but will try:
By turning the shaft while holding the ticker end still it gets longer. In that way the shaft is stucked firmly between C pillars of chassis.
Hope those clumpsy sentences got any sence to you my friends.
I know what i am trying to say but got no clue what have you hear! :lol: :lol:

P.S. Shhh is correct. Pssst is more like trying to get someone's attention but trying not to make any noise (if that makes sense).

Got it, mate!
The holes no doubt lead to the top mounts for the brace to be mounted. Seat probably used the same carpet in all the models meaning you'll have carpet from the Cupra. A rear brace should improve high speed stability. So you know what to do to test that (on a private road obviously ;)).
.... (on a private road obviously ;)).

No doubt! :)

Next thing - find bars suitable for home making lower braces. Here are the pictures of Ultra Racing struts for Polo:

Maybe will not do the same. Don't know now. Will making decisions while in progress.
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Thanks, Matt! I remember when you post me that picture and give me advice to make 4 point lower brace. ;) (I'm a good student :lol: )
Initial idea actually comes from you.
Will see how to do it. People got problem with diesel ibizas because the bottom is very low. Must find way to brace it and not make to little ground clearance. It would'nt be nice to hit something with lower brace at any speed. :(

No, Cupra got no lower brace as far as I know. However there are aftermarket braces for Ibiza (and Cupra aswell - the same unit).

So far i become an brace advocate! It really does car to behave noticable better despite common opinion on one seat specific forum. Guess those opinions are made as collective contience after some of the selfproclaimed gurus told that braces do nothing or too little to be bothered.
Mostly i read about rear sway bar and how it does magic in understeer supression. Well, now i got so little understeer that can be managed with right pedal. During the snow the car behaved pretty neutral with no excesive understeer and wit pretty good behaviour of rear end. You can sense how rear end is following the front.
My opinion (based on thinking only - no experience) is that those kids got so much understeer because almost all of them have 20 mm rear spacers and 10 or less mm front spacers. In that way they artificially increased rear traction (is that apropriate word here?) and got the feel about understeer. Then they seek for cure for decease they create and reach for big rear sways in order to balance the grip between front and rear end.
Course, i got 18 mm front sway bar i comparison with more common 19 or 20 mm FARB-s. For non truck use i find it good enough because on road irregularities both wheels are more often in firm grip with road. Course with biger sways handling might be better, but i'm not convinced that overal grip is better than in my case and 18 mm ARB.
Just my opinion andd as such it is prone to changing. only man who haven't learn something new does never change his opinion. ;)
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cupra didnt get one but the S3 did ;)

Didn'nt know S3 got one out of the factory. In my intelygence that is sign that manufacturers are aware of importancy of it, but decided to cut the costs where it does not matter so much.
Just to say that S3 iz comparable with Leon Cupra.
I saw that Garrett GT2056v turbine in Adds. Seller is advertising it as a new item. It seems to be out of 2,5 l Tuareg.
I know if I wanna put it in Ibiza I should find or make another manifold and the turbo must be reclocked and think I can do that. If not I always can go to some turbo service and ask to do it for me.
But one thing cought my attention - it is the weird oil return line.

It got two holes. Maybe that turbo is also watter cooled? If so, can the turbo work without watter cooling in my application? And which hole is the oil return line? Bigger or smaller diameter one?

I was thinkin' to make flanges for manifold and for downpipe, and also make flange for oil line but haven't clue how to make pipe and connection to the engine side.
Any word or picture will be apreciated before I spend money on turbo.

P.S. Please, don't tell to buy gt1749vb out of ARL|BPX engine because price for this item is really low compared.
Most likely will have water cooling, if this is the case then I would definately plumb it in else the baring wont last very long, check with the seller first if it has water cooling,

gt2056 is probably the best all around turbo for the 1.9 pd tdi, also a great secondary if you wanted to go compound.
Thank you for replay, Jarrus! You put some light in front of me.

Most likely will have water cooling, if this is the case then I would definately plumb it in else the baring wont last very long, check with the seller first if it has water cooling,

So in your opinion even if it is watter cooled it can work without watter cooling?
And just to be sure I understand you right, do you think I can effectivelly plumb the hole for watter with simple peace of metal screwed in?

gt2056 is probably the best all around turbo for the 1.9 pd tdi, also a great secondary if you wanted to go compound.

Good to hear it. I wasn't sure what to think about 2056 because i haven't find much tuning threads 'round the net and got no personal experience nor somebody familiar who is into tuning.
Reason I noticed that turbo is listed price is about 60 pounds and for that price i thought it would be worthy to do some adjustments.
Already have spoken to a friend who can make some flanges at his work with CNC machine. ;)

EDIT: Forgot to ask, can you tell me which hole is for cooling liquid and which one is for oil returning to the engine?
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Well, first to answer to my own questions in above posts:
It is a turbine from Tuareg. It got both oil feed and oil return lines from underneath. On picture you can see biger and smaller hole. Biger one is oil return line and smaller one is oil feed. And yes, I didn't manage to put my claws onto that turbo. :( More luck next time i guess.

Now a little update. I was waiting to get Federal 595 RS-R tyres and at the end there are only two tyres in hole country and the importer can not insure me he will get more of them. Of courese, they got them on web site as they are available. So much for honesty.
At last i lost my patiente and had buy Hankook Ventus V12. Have make about 60 miles before initial test. It is not real test, but just initial impressions after about 20 spirited miles which is taken with caution 'cause it is new tyre and not familiar to me.
However, here are ma initial thoughts. Just keep in mind that boys in the shop didn't put the pressure i asked them. They have underinflated for about 0,2 bars under what I specified them to do. Maybe it is important - you'll see why in next few sentences.
All observations is made by comparing them to Good Year F1 GSD3 which maded about 20000 miles. Still few milimeters of thread left, but surelly past to much heating/cooling cycles during their lifespan.

So, here we go:
First i noticed reduced noice. No wonder about that when compared with old tyres. Ride is no doubt smoother also. Acceleration grip is better then my previous tyres. With old set my ASC light was easilly ignited when accelerating in second even on dry road, and sometimes in third if got much steering added. With new tyres got no ASC light. Good.
After about 60 miles maded in town and highway (BTW, even more pronounced lower lever of noice on high speeds 100 - 130 mph according to my taho) I went of the highway and give them a first little more demanding ride in their life. Was riding on familiar road within about 90% of my best passing times with GY F1's.
Initial observations is the V12's are similar in lateral grip. Maybe even better, but got no intention to explore their final grip limit today. As said, ride is smoother in compare, but the steering is a little less sharp. It could be due softer sidewalls, but maybe it is because they are somewhat underinflated (remember? :) )
Will see in next days after little gambling with tyre pressures.
All in all I can tell it is good tyre! But be aware - not a track day tyre because of their soft sidewalls, but if your local roads are in awfull shape like mine's are, maybe you can apreciate good grip, friendly behaviour when aproaching edge and correct price mark in trade of sharpest responce and most precise handling.
Maybe I will correct my last statement after some trials with tyre pressures which could lead to stiffen the side walls if it would not loose grip and friendly behaviour after that.
We'll see in your next Croatian correspondent report! Hahaha ;)
Stay tuned.

EDIT: Almost forget to say that braking with V12's is better then with my old(!) F1's. Less ABS interrupting so far.
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So much about Hankook's... :(
For the first time in my life I managed to destroy tyres on curb. Both left tyres got riped sidewalls and one alloy must be fixed. Did I tell ya they got soft sidewalls? :lol:
And just for irony, I have dumped my old F1's....So I'm now on winter wheels and tyres untill new tyres comes.
So much about Hankook's... :(
For the first time in my life I managed to destroy tyres on curb. Both left tyres got riped sidewalls and one alloy must be fixed. Did I tell ya they got soft sidewalls? :lol:
And just for irony, I have dumped my old F1's....So I'm now on winter wheels and tyres untill new tyres comes.

Bad luck mate. At least you've learnt a lesson.
Yes i did! Never buy soft wall tyres and if you do - do not dump your old ones. :lol:
I know how warm asphalt effects winter tyre compund. They get greasy. I got two sets of alloys - one for winter (15 inch) and one for sommer (16 inch).
Will think what to do with sommer set. Maybe get that wheel fixed and than sell 16 inch wheels and 2 good 16 inch tyres with less than 300 miles on them. And buy new RC05 in 15 inch with Toyo R1R's or 888's....just thinkin' loud for now.
I can smugle (yes, smugle! ;) ) Toyo's 15'' R1R's for /peace or 888's for /peace. With those prices i can have winter wheels, sommer rain wheels and sommer suny wheels.... :lol: :lol:
Hi T9 and all others!
Just saw email anouncement someone has replyed in my thread...and damn I glad someone did!
Thank you for your interest, T9! How are you? How are all of you guys?

Must say, got no news about my car. So far I have had managed to get divorced on one hand - that is bad news. And I have managed to stay on my job 'tough recession in my country have mutilated economy you wouldn't believe how much. In my workplace 25% of emplyees looses their jobs, and 25% more will follow. My priorities in last year was to keep my sanity and my job, tough I gained high blood pressure. You know I am war vet, recount unit of 1.A Brigade - Tigers, but this smack'd me more then hole war and all #!#!#!#! we've been trough then. Darn! Man gets old when he least expect it. Hahahaha

However, nice to see you, again!

P.S. Don't worry! I'l be back big as life and twice as ugly ;)
Good to hear from you Zwaf I am OK thanks, no complaints. TorqueCars is getting bigger and according to my bathroom scales so am I :embarrest:

Glad you still have your job though and therefore the roof over your head.

Look forward to seeing you posting regularly again soon :)
I'm anxious as well about finishing the Beeza, but foe now all of us are trying to install as much order in our finances as we can in case we all get fired as those peops in our neighbour company - in 1 day 1400 people get fired.

So you, your familly and The Beast are fine? Oh, it's a such good thing to hear!
Hello all!
Zwaf is least for short.
Haven't been around for long time, but I do apreciate fact that once in a while someone ask how am I.
Hope all of you are doing well. Waynne had mentioned to me today that he hadbad stuffs in familly - his Mom and brother. :( Wish you all the Gods blessings, mate!

I thought I will never sell my Ibiza, but as I am to move to Austria to live and work there, and as the car is illegal there i think I will sell her. Hopefully into good hands and for sure it must been experienced driver. Otherwise will rather keep her in my garage. (Not trying to sell it here - you are to far and to right handed steered for her. :D )


However, will try to finish this thread with someinformations, some photos and some moments during my life with Ibiza.

Ibiza get the upgrade brakes from Audi TT front and V6 Golf 4-motion rears - 312 mm/255 mm. To do that I had to change hubs as well. It came from PD130 Ibiza.
Rear caliper carriers needed 7 mm adapter (somewhere is noted that 6 mm is good, but it wasn't). About two weeks after I bought carriers from Leon Cupra R and that is the way to go.

Later came time for more serious works, altough notting to complicated:
Here comes GTB1756VK from Poland

Custom 70 mm egsaust from turbo till the end with 2 flowtrough pots and fake cat trough which goes also 70 mm pipe:

The clutch needed to be reinforced to. The basket was reinforced and some better stuff is putted on the disc. This was brend new Sachs G60/VR6 combo:

In goed PD130 injectors:

And Cupra FMIC:

Here you can see old and small IC at a side
It also got PD130 inlet manifold as it is bigger:

Small Sport bumper needed some triming insed to make him fit, but here it is how it looked then:

Turbo had some problem with VNT stop screw so this was the result back then:

And this is measured on the road:

Car had no problems to pass ecco test during MOT. (Ecco test is test where MOT technician puts some sondas in egsaust and rev it till the limiter, then some apparatus shows what and howmuch contains the egsaust fumes.

Later car gets the Honda S2K airfilter:

After about year I have changed the timing belt with other parts.
Car already had Koni Sport (yellow) with Platimex -40 mm springs, here he got poly bushes from Poland and Whiteline RARB and front lower strut from Wiechers (the shalow one so that can be hiden beneath engine cover)

Here comes one sad moment. My friend in whos garage car is made was electrocuted at his job and he died. I was broken into peaces.
Stll miss him!
Rest in peace, Ivan!

And here comes more problems - that new belt lost 5 of his theets and skipped just 5000 miles (8k km) later.
Time for a new engine.
Managed to find engine with 6spd box out of Golf mk4 for not so much money, bought all other parts needed for swap, new clutch (Valeo 4p), shafts etc (don't know the right names for those parts right now altough I have most on them bought from UK ebay)
After some fidling, cutting and welding the gearbox was in - not a job for everybody! I am sorry got no pictures as I couldn't be there wile it was made.
Anyway, now I got ASZ lump with 6 spd gearbox. Took this time to send turbo in the shop for fine tuning the VNT screw.
After job was done again on maping:
Sorry, got no better.

Other stuff?
Car now have Xtrons 4gb android. :)
And Nankang NS2R tires for summer. Now in winter I have spare set of alloys for winter tires.

Oh, almost forgot! Car was repainted last summer:

Have no photos now. :(

Last summer she also had new set of Konis this time with H&R 29333-3 springs.

Silly me, I would forget most important thing thiees days!
Wish you all a happy Christmas and real good new year! :)

So specs are something like this:

Koni Sport (Yellow Koni)
H&R29333-3 -35 mm
RARB Whiteline
Front lower strut Wiechers (Part no. 513017)
Strongflex polybushes everywhere - front and rear (red)
Ford Puma things where you connect front ARB - don't know english word (shorter cca 3 cm)
Front upper strut bar - custom made
Rear upper strut bar (inspired by Forge strut) - hand made
PD130 hubs
Audi TT 180 front brakes (312 mm)
Golf 4 V6 4-motionrear calipers, carriers from Cupra R (255 mm)
Braided brake lines
Winter alloys 16" 6,5J ET43 + 20 mm don't know the name - that things that make your tires stay wider. ;)
Summer alloys 16" 7,5J ET35 (OZ, forgot the name but nothing to write home about)
16" spare tire (Cupra)
New winter tires 205/45 R16 Kleber Krisalp HP3 (very satisfied!)
Ljetne gume Nankang NS2R 205/45 R16 (very satisfied!)
Garrett GTB1756VK
073AL injectors (PD130/150)
Seat Sport FMIC
Custom hard piping from turbo to FMIC (51 mm ID)
Darkside developments hard pipe from FMIC to inlet mani
4 Bar MAP
PD130inlet manifold
PD130 BLT tandem pump
PD130 ASZ oil cooler
Custom T.I.P.
OEM air filter Honda S2000
Custom air box
Custom made downpipe
Custom egsaust ID: 70mm with 2 flowtrough pots
ARL headbolts
EGR i ASV delete
O2M 6spd from Golf MK4
ASZ engine from Golf MK4
Stock Valeo 4p clutch kit
2 DIN radio (Xtrons, 4 Gb)
Repainted and protected from rust from bellow
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Thank you Waynne!
Sorry for delay. Real hectic times for me.
Today is the day I must say goodbie to my Ibiza as I go to Austria for good and she isn't compatible with Austrian legislations. Hopefully she will find good hands to take care of her and she could stretch her legs (driveshafts?) time after time as she really love to do it. :(

I forgot to mention the ARL headbolts and God knows what else is done during time. :)
Thanks @thexav !
Sceduals there in first 6 months will be crazy for me. Will be here as much as possible. Whole week had no time for calling home. During the day I got classes, and at night must learn technical and law stuff in foreign language - german.
Take the fact that I do sound funny in English and my English is better then my German in which I must work and make egsams. :cool:
As a mater of fact, after only two days there I had first egsam about signal book in Austrian Railroads. Not very big book, but in german. :D
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