your thoughts??

If you are after a competition car it is a bargain, if you want an Astra GSi it is expensive.

I doubt it is the sort of car you could live with on a daily basis.
its a vauxhall at the end of the day, so i dont think its a bargain
wouldnt you get an evo for that sort of money ????
I think the reasoning for the price is a mixture of the parts and the providence; i.e. this car already has heritage. If someone bought all the parts and built up a car the same to the exact same spec it would be worth less as there's no heritage. This car has been proven. Having said I've no idea what its worth.
Well that depends on what has been fitted to it. No point in it being a future classic GSi if it sits on a 'Q' plate. Very little mentioned with regards full spec so how can that wet anyones appetite?

To buy such a car with those claims will mean going to the last event and buying it there and then and taking it home straight away.

I'd much rather spend the money on a true classic, HS and some HSR ex rallycars can be bought for that and with classic status.

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