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What is your idea of a stylish car interior?

I like carbon fibre and lots of buttons and dials, the GTR is a good example of a nicely done interior IMO.

I know some like their walnut and others prefer chrome or other plastic finishes so what is your preferred interior?
I don't know about stylish, but I'm fond of dark tones and matt surfaces offset with lots of lights. Pockets, recesses, and cupholders are good too. I like to have somewhere to set things.

My partner drives a 2013 Fiesta 1.6 that is so much fun especially at night. When you switch on the ignition the whole console lights up like a spaceship with all the instruments and the subtle red interior lighting. Gorgeous!
Does anyone know any interior styling shops in the uk? Somewhere you can drop the car off and get a new interior styled and fitted?
D class are worth talking to for custom interior work if you are after a really high standard of finish.
I've been lucky enough to own cars with A/C & and/or full climate control for over 17 years and I make use of it all round the year.

This is the first car I have owned with full climate control
and is reasonable on fuel so I will be following suit.

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