Your hariest moment whilst driving


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What is your hariest or scariest moment behind the wheel?

I had a nutter overtaking towards me and with full braking on my part we only just missed a head on smash!

That was my category 5 brown trousers moment!

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Today in the old citroen, got stuck behind a road sweeper on the way back from college, decided that overtaking was a better option than getting home at the age of eighty-five, so, gap, mirror check, signal, blind spot check and another mirror check, all clear manouver, gas.

out of a driveway up the road, a nutter in a slammed (scraping the tarmac its been lowered so much ) mercedes pulls out and races towards me. the fact dawned on me that im in a 70 BHP car that weighs nearly two tonnes - i havent a hope of getting past before he hits, all the brakes lock but i hold it and pull back behind the truck with inches to spare. it reached the theoretical catagory six on the BT scale.

the nutter raced past gesturing wildly and id guess was using some exotic language, he seemed to forget that:

1. he had a responsibility to look both ways before turning.
2. he had brakes too.
3. he could at least have stopped accelerating like a madman.

oh well,


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pulled out to overtake on a short straight in an underpowered escort and the guy in front decided to be clever and speed up to try and block the hole (and the guy behind me decided that i didnt need back in and took away the space) so left on the wrong side of the road with a corner approaching and then a car appears, thank goodness it was going slow, just aimed the car at a very small version of the hole i was originally going for and made it wider.

if i ever find that guy he may be have a personal meeting with Mr Tyre Iron. was reallying bricking it at the time.


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One time sticks on my mind, going to work one morning on a normally busy 'A' road in the outside lane just over 70, I turn through the slight bend in the road only to find a Rav4 coming the other way over the central reservation. All I can see at this split second is the underneath of it! I violently swerve to avoid it, I lose control and carry out several 360's and manage to cross from the outside lane across the nearside, across the chevrons of the sliproad joining the A3M, across the two slip lanes and end up about 400m up the carriageway on the hard shoulder looking up the carriageway from the direction I came! At this point I saw the Rav4 sitting in the fast lane where I was! It was looking a bit flat at this time! I had to get picked up as my legs were like jelly and very nearly crapped myself. The only saving grace was it was half term therefore fewer cars on the road that morning. That was a hard one to describe to the insurance company.:blink: Never had anything like that even when I was racing!


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On a dual carriageway (A38) near me was travelling along at roughly 70mph when I saw another car coming the other way. Down my side of the carriageway. Luckily there wasn't many cars on the road and the old dear turned himself round when he realised what he'd done. About half a mile from the junction he entered.

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