Your first cars number plate


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Can you remember the number plate (or registration plate) of your first car and how many years ago was that?

Does everyone remember their first cars registration number.

Mine was DLM 86Y - from 1990 - thats 20 years ago is that sad or what?
the first car i bought but never drove was a fiesta B53ODH
and my first road legal car was a mg metro F248?VC i cant remember the missing letter i just remember it was similar to qvc
never remember any that far back
my lexus was m91ggc
first trans am brd 917t

and thats it for the cars i have had
My first was 78200SX ('78 Datsun 200SX), states have different plate numbers and we can customize them, not sure about you Euro guys on the custom ones.
We can, but I think it's harder for us.

For the past 2 cars, I've had initials-03-nickname for mine, cost 2 birthday presents and a christmas present from my parents.

First car, blimey, can't remember that, even though I'm sure I used it as a password a time or 2.
An auction buy from the gas board in 1983, a Vauxhall Viva HA Bedford van, EFB 510E :love:

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