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Hi all
thought i would pop in and say hello im a engineering design student with to meny intrests to list just that one is cars. i own a 1.6 skoda octavia glx so if you have any tips inside the meens of a student let me know
Hi Daz. Cheap mods - for power get a cold air feed intake into the standard air box. Add a sports back box for the fun noise. Widen your spark plug gaps by another 50% and run with super unleaded. Use redex to clean the injectors and cylinder head or a boost spray thing by ekotek.

For fun and not power try Stiffer suspension. Full sports exhaust. Induciton kit.
HI DAZ. Nice to have you aboard. What is your aim in tuning the car. More noise & fun or more power? Do you care about economy and reliability.
I've moved this thread to the Skoda topic - it just makes finding it a bit easier!

Billyo's made some good points there - i would add a fast road cam - don't go too silly with a race profile though. Cleaning the engine and making sure it is running at peak efficiency is also a good idea. Did you fancy comitting to some head work - big valve conversion and gas flowed head would add some more power.
fast road cams seem to be a good idea have you any idea were i can find them and how much they cost im at collage in shropshire at the mo cleaning the engine is somthing i plan to do once the student garage is open and i have a weekend to spare also im going to invest in some proper tyres soon but am debaing getting wider ones than are on it at the minate any suggestions
Piper and Kent Cams are the places to ask - in that order.

Do you mean wider tyres on the standard rim or are you thinking of changing the rims as well?
Sounds like a good plan to me. Have a look in the handbook and see what the widest rim you can get is and use this for the size of the new one - also get a taller wheel diameter and use a lower porfile tyre to keep the same overall size. Is the nut pattern the same as Audi and VW - if so you will have a really wide choice to go for with 16's or 17's looking really nice.
Think you'll find the engine in the 1.6 Polo, Golf and Audi A3 and Seat Leon. There are some minor differences in these engines so might be worth asking a Skoda mechanic if these differences are major. I think Seat will probably be the closest it puts out 105bhp.

The actual engine types for the Octavia are:-
Pre 2004 1.6 - 75/100/102 bhp (8v)
2004 onwards 1.6 MPI - 102 bhp (8v) 1.6 FSI - 115 bhp

Hope this helps you out a little.

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