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WRX STi Spec-C
Hello guys..just created this thread so that we can share n discuss the mods..let me start it off..

Engine: EJ207 MY05
Model: Impreza Wrx Sti Spec-C (JDM)
Current mods:
- AEP fuel pump 220lph
- AEP air oil separator
- Ogura Racing Clutch 409 Series Single Plate
- K&N Typhoon Kit
- Q-Max Voltage Stabilizer
- Works Engineering Lightweight Pulleys for Alternator n Crank
- Works Engineering fuel pressure regulator
- OEM Throttle Body (machined to 66mm)
- Sard R2D2 BOV (full venting to atm)
- Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust with Custom 3” Piping

The future mods will be done when my car hits 180k km mileage. Still looking for the best combinations of fuel injector size (which can fully utilize 220lph fuel pump), piston size, stroke (crankshaft), cam profile, i/c size (piping n i/c) and turbo. My target is to achieve 450bhp (after deducting the losses ~ 20% to 30%). I guess that it's still comfortable for daily driving). Any idea how to gain more torque?

Hoping that you guys can share your mods too. Any advice to me will be appreciated.
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