Wot do i do??????


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Rover 220 GTI
Hi, bought a rover 220 gti (k reg) a few years back and loved it,then the head gasket started going so i parked it up, its been 2 years since and i've had the gasket changed,skimmed,etc but been told that i'll hav issues with the car cos its been parked up for so long.
Can anyone tell me wot issues these are?????? cos i really want it back on the road now and hav a few upgrades that i've bought while it was parked up.
Also, how do u take the steering wheel off????I've got a new one and cant take the old one off.
Hi mate. I had a white K reg 220 Gti. The grill of the pre 93 models looks much better than the later ones;)

Was it drained down when you parked it up? If so then corrossion inside the engine is your biggest problem. Keep an eye out for leaking core plugs.

You may also find that some of the oil seals have shrunk and will get a leak from the top cam housing or at the bottom near the main bearing/crank. Stick with 20w40 oil though, if you go too thin you will start smoking a lot.

I also rekon that the rear bushes will need replacing, check these for cracking and wear. Poly bushes are your best bet as the Rover ones only seem to last for a few years.

Are the brakes working? These might need stripping, copper grease and a fluid change.

Thats about all I can think of. Oh and take it easy for a while, drive it like you are running it in again for 400 miles (low revs high stress work like hills etc...) Then as the oil gets round things will loosen up again. Change the oil at 400 miles as this will collect most of the crud from inside the engine.
Cheers wayne.
i didnt i had 2 do all that, that is sum propa advice is that lad.
I put a post in the main rover forum and ppl put simple stuff down, its appreciated but i needed a detailed explanation from a guy who knows wot hes on about. thanks again.
yup, the pre93 models do have a better grill. problem is tryin to find one, was thinkin of chuckin sum mesh on and painting it black. wot u think???
Also, do u know any upgrades i can safely do to my car to give it that extra give, i know its a powerful engine for wot it is but do u have any tips, im not lookin for an air filter,etc, just sumthin to do to the engine, apart from gettin a new engine.

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