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What's the worst MPG you've ever achieved? Not the instantaneous measurement, which means very little but over a period of time or a significant journey.

I spent a week last September in the company of a brand new Vectra SRi 140 (1.8 petrol) and managed 23.9mpg over 500 or so miles. OK, I did drive it with serious intent to make it shift in the way my own car shifts (which proved to be impossible anyway). But 23.9mpg is still appalling in my opinion.

In 1999 I did a 200 mile round trip to Bristol (all M4) in a Fiat Punto 1.2 S and managed 26mpg. Again, not good at all.
My Rover gave me about 21mpg till I modded it and it went up to around 30mpg! I think it was mainly the head work that helped with this;)
I would guess the Rav4 rental when I was in the US last year. 2T vehicle + automatic is not going to be good on the economy.

Can't tell you what mileage we actually got though :(

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