Wire up new horns !!


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skyline r34 gtt
My car has got twin horns which are not very good,so i bought a new pair which comes with a relay! the question is do i need to wire the new horns with the relay etc?,or seeing as the car has twin horns already can i just unplug the old horns and plug in the new ones ?.:confused::confused:
OK - what's fuse is the correct fuse fitment for the OEM factory horns. DON'T just fit a 10 amp fuse in place though - the fuse is there to protect the wiring and over rating a fuse will possibly cause the wiring to overheat and ignite.
Good plan but make sure you take the current source for the horns from the battery via a fusible link rated HIGHER than that of the wire/cable you are using. This will go through the relay N.O. contacts to feed the horn.

You can safely feed the relay energising coil directly from the circuit that feeds the existing horn.

There might, however, be a relay in that circuit anyway. There usually is tbh so if it's all rated 10A or over then it's plug n play time anyway.

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