Will this be a viking funeral for my 9-5?!


9-5 aero

I have been reading through a few of these forums now as I have recently acquired a 2002 9-5 Aero estate, and although I am delighted with its performance, I have discovered temptation. Everybody here appears to be performing tasteful and powerful upgrades to theirs and I'm damned if I will be left out!
My only concern is that my car has now reached 118,000 miles and I fear that this is not a wise time to be increasing load factors in various critical parts of the drivetrain. I just wondered if those of you with more experience in this area could comment on my vague plan?

I contacted Abbot motorsport when I acquired the car some months ago and upgraded the air filter to an ITG design and I also had a twin exit backbox fitted.

This was very nice and I am delighted with it all so far.
But, I would like to go faster (naturally!) and I am saving pennies with the thought of getting the car remapped and had thought I would fit a sports downpipe and cat at the same time. Whilst weighing this all up over a few weeks of the daily commute I have noticed a slight whirring from the turbo when accelerating firmly in 5th and have therefore come to the obvious conclusion that it would be prudent to upgrade the turbo to a TD04 version whilst getting all the other bits done....and yes, I do believe that the car has been run on Mobil 1 for its life so far....!

Is this a stupid idea and will it involve the glorious domination of one of those irritatingly cockily driven Audi S4's followed by a loud bang.....?

If so I may consider doing it anyway just so I can put Mr Toad and his damned Audi back in his box! :amazed:

Any thoughts would be welcomed!



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Hello and welcome to the nuthouse mate ;)

T9 is the man you want to speak to

heres his thread should be a good read for you. i knew what his targets were at the beginning of the year and unless changed should mean its going to be a completly mental Vauxhall ;)