Will a car run without a battery


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If you took the battery out of a car after starting it would it still happily run?

I've had a flat/dead battery before and the car seemed to work ok after it had been jumped. But I need your help to settle a debate!

I thought the alternator provides enough current to bypass the need for a battery and that the battery is just used to start the car.

A friend says you need the battery to act as a buffer but I'm pretty sure the alternator kicks out enough current and this fluctuates depending on engine demand.

What are your thoughts?

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The battery is simply a very large electrolytic capacitor. The alternator does supply sufficient current but the battery acts as a smoothing capacitor which protects delicate DC systems from voltage ripple. In some cases it also acts as a voltage reference but I think this is less relevant now than it was say 30 years ago.

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