Will a car fail an mot with the engine management light on


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If the engine warning or engine management light is on will this cause the car to fail the MOT test?

What is the position with warning lights like this? What happens if there is an intermittant fault and the light comes on and then goes out for some of the test?
From what I understand it will not fail because of this directly. Only malfunction warning lights will cause an MOT fail.

The following are causes for an MOT fail.
  • Headlight main beam warning light
  • Electronic power steering warning light
  • Brake fluid level warning light
  • Seat belt pre-tensioner warning light
The engine management light isn't or at least when I looked was not mentioned in the MOT testers manual.

The usual reason for an engine management light to be on is because emissions sensors are faulty and you will probably fail on emissions.
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