Why is there?

A picture of a white Vauxhall all over the index page of the forums?

Quite nice for a Vauxhall isn't it :lol:

How very dare you MA! take that
That car belongs too
he is so powerful that we only dare speak his name in whispers!

The last person who came close to making an unkind remark about that car has never been seen again, he just disappeared of the face off the earth! its almost as if he was
It's been nice knowing you MA! See you in the "former members of TorqueCars forums" soon! :lol:
Haha you lot crack me up :) Looks real nice TN, how are you getting on with it? Any niggles? Edging ever closer to a remap no doubt and I hope we can expect a full unbiased review of the car.
It's a nice car mate tbh.
Although if I was to compare it to the Focus then it's quicker in a straight line but that's it.
Pulls quite well with smooth power delivery an all, but each gear is over in a flash.
It's a more laid back lazy drive sort of car, as in no matter what gear it's in it's spool up and go. Which makes overtaking really easy. ;)
I expected it to ride alot firmer with the big wheels but it's not that bad really.
In terms of driveability the Focus wins hands down it just needed a bigger engine.
Remap is on the cards but i'm unsure as there differences in what people say the gains are so I want to try an find some solid info first. ;)

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