who makes the best strongest rubber oil line automotive hose? Best clamps?


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Fabia Monte Carlo
hydraulic is hi temp like 250° F ?
Hydraulic is Extremely High Pressure Oil, this equals extremely strong hose and swaged fittings. The only reason it's high temperature is dues to the fact its pumped at high pressure. So to answer the question. Talk to a local Hydraulic Hose maker, there are plenty around, they make many sizes and types for different applications.


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if the op isasking about best clamps , surely he isnt talking about hydraulic oil lines but engine oil lines . you wouldnt use a clamp on a power steering line ???
so assuming engine oil - of their type best clamps Mikalor IMHO
Hoses if you are being picky then made up by specialist like proline - but then they wouldnt use clamp either bolt in/up unions each end machine crimped to the hose.
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