Who is the best motorsport driver


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Taking in all aspects of motorsport who do you think deserves the accolade of the best driver (the driver needn't be alive to be nominated.)

Please also give your reasons why.
I think that Niki Lauda was the best. Reason?
No other driver driver except Jackie Stewart was selected ISK's Sportsman of the Year. Lauda was selected in 1977, After becoming World Champion in 1975, Lauda made his comeback after the Nürburgring crash that almost cost him his life,to win two more championships. He was a fantastic car developer- how many drivers have pulled three teams up to the very top- After giving Ferrari a hat trick of constructors championships he went on to build the foundation of Jack Brabham's success in the early 80s before retiring. After his recovery and comeback he showed McLaren International its way for the future and beat Alain Prost take the 1984 title. What other driver has achieved all this?
Colin Mcrae simple as such a genius for WRC not necessarily most decorated racer but i put this down to hard luck with breakdowns etc. On his day he could own every rally racer going and i believe his loss to the sport is Dire either that or Damon Hill because i grew up watching Hill
mcrae and burns are great losses to wrc, such as senna to f1.
greatest driver is a toughie ? tbh i cant choose. carlos sainz was an awsome rally driver and you cant rule out schumacher. not to forget some of the wtcc. ivan mueller for example.
hard choices.
I can't believe no one has mentioned seb loeb. 7 or 8 times wrc champion and he's had the champion of champions title a few times too.

well he's been my choice everytime this question has been asked on here!!
most decorated rally driver in the most skillful motorsport
so it has to be really!!!!!
I can't believe no one has mentioned seb loeb. 7 or 8 times wrc champion and he's had the champion of champions title a few times too.
I really dont rate him there isnt enough competition imo in WRC any more Loeb is a lousy champ he has won so much because the car is so much better than the rest nevermind skills
Ayrton Senna would get this title in my opinion - quite simply a joy to watch. A gentleman on and off the track and a skilled racing driver in times where safety left much to be desired.
Some may Senna was an agressive driver too,ask Mansel,what Senna would not do to get a win,but also a very tallented driver,you have got to be looking at Sebastien Leob in WRC, 7 straight world titles in a very demamnding motorsport. :D
So i would say Leob for me. ;)
No one has mentioned Jim Clark ex lotus F1 driver and multi discipline champion,

Plus he was from a time when men were real men who drove real cars and were hailed as heroes for doing just that, not like the bunch of pansies we have in all sports nowadays!

I have to agree that there just isn't any competition at the moment for Loeb, he has it easy, just wait until Ford have more interest in WRC when they get the new Fiesta racing
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