Who has had any post licence training ?


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As many who have read my posts will realize that I am passionate about driver skill levels and the need for improvement or upgrading the basic skill level needed to be allowed out on the roads.

I have watched the British test videos and for instance the "emergency stop" test was laughable. And I suspect that our testing procedures are no better. To me an "emergency " braking test involves having the ABS or a lock up and release just enough to get the wheels rotating as locked wheels can't steer the car away from hitting whatever is there.

IMO there needs to be a purpose built facility where aspiring drivers could be put under some pressure and have to perform say emergency braking on wet ,dry and loose off road surfaces along with emergency lane changes aka "moose test" for starters.

FWIW I have done and passed the IAM 3 hour test first time (and became an advisor as well) and have had an additional 4 advanced/hi performance/track days and 3 skid pan days with an in car pro driver telling me how to improve my technique and skill level over the years since I was 17 and am planning a refresher Hi performance day later on this year.

Moose test video https://www.google.com.au/search?sx...1..gws-wiz.......0i131j0i22i10i30.NvKEgxLgj1s
Defensive driving and skid pan course, I want to do the AIM but just never got around to it.

Perhaps advanced lessons should be compulsory for certain power range cars, a bit like motorbikes, it will give people something to aim for and motivate them to develop the craft of driving.
Being rich enough to buy a hi powered supercar doesn't automatically endow one with the skills to be able to handle it at hi speeds and I firmly believe that at the very least buying one should also come with some compulsory on track coaching just to experience what can and will happen if one gets on it in the wrong place before being allowed on the roads for the drivers and public safety.

Some examples
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Unfortunately the vast majority of motorists only experience a real emergency when it actually happens with zero knowledge on what they really need to do in that situation.

That is 1 of the main reasons why I am an advocate for stiffer testing procedures but doubt that the powers that be have the intestinal strength / spine to do so as everyone thinks that it is their right.

I also recommend that there should additional post license training.
While instructing at various closed off road locations many years ago i have sat beside people of both sexes and put under pressure that have

1 hit the gas instead of the brake.
2 frozen and done nothing.
3 swerved violently and hit most of the cones marking the lanes
4 driven straight ahead into a "brick wall" painted onto a large piece of sponge as that was where they were looking instead of swerving around it when told to turn left or right at the last moment when it was still doable.
5 screamed and taken hands off the wheel.
6 had a passenger panic jam on the dual control brake when I was demonstrating a hot lap thru a steering and vision course in a MR2. I always told any passenger to tuck their right foot back under the seat or behind their left leg and keep it there to help prevent them hitting the brake.

Thank goodness that all the cars used had proper hand brakes as I had to use them on many occasions as the foot parking brakes in some vehicles would have made things a bit more dangerous.

No wonder I am old and grey .V(

Or should I have said "it's a wonder I survived to become old and grey" :lol:
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Defensive driving and skid pan course, I want to do the AIM but just never got around to it

My IAM test over a 3 hour period and carried out on the other side of the city to get me into unfamiliar territory to among other things test my observation skills.

The reason behind the long test was in part due to see if bad habits that can be concealed for a shortish time become evident.

That was when I was much younger so don't know if the current test procedure differs.
I guess I trained myself by going out in every type of weather, including heavy snow.
I also took my wife out in bad snow to teach her how to handle it when the car starts to lose control.
I personally think that all car drivers should take a Motorcycle CBT to give them an idea on what it's like for more vulnerable road users, as I think that it gives you a new perspective and makes you a much more cautious and observant.
I was also trained in the winter. It was important for me to understand the rules of driving in snow and ice conditions on the road

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