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Much has been made of recent developments relating to high insurance premiums. Insurers are citing a huge increase in the amounts they are paying out for injury claims. So lets look at this trend and see what we can all do to avoid high insurance premiums in the future. It would appear that even small bumps can lead to whiplash claims plus there is an increasing trend of staged accidents which are set up soley to benefit from a whiplash claim.

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"Crash for cash". Saw a TV show about this, part of the problem they said is that whiplash is hard for docs to diagnose. There's no test, just the patients word.
Maybe insurers could offer the option of excluding whiplash cover in turn for lower premiums. I'd be happy with that.
I've had a number of cold calls recently telling me that I should submit a claim for minor injury in relation to the rear end shunt that occurred in 2014. I am told that it [the claim] won't be contested. I am not willing to claim for injury which I have not incurred. The callers are 100% confident that it won't go to court.

So I tell them that they should perhaps complete and sign the claim form on my behalf. That was if it goes wrong they wind up charged with fraud, not me!!

I have traced the source of my data to a company based in Sale, Cheshire (although they are not making the calls). I have managed to contact the chief operating officer of this company. He's very very polite once you get to know him. Wonder why that is?
The crash for cash scandals have forced many companies and drivers to fit dashboard cameras to log everything.

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