Which underbody neon puddle flood lights are best?



I am wanting to add some underbody neon puddle flood lights to my VW T5 campervan. However, I am unsure which to buy because when I search online what appear to be cheap options on eBay and Amazon appear in the search results. I am cautious that these will just be poor quality Chinese imports etc.

Can anyone recommend a supplier or brand?


Not everything from China is bad. In fact, most of what you buy as 'Made in Britain' is sourced in the far East and just assembled here.

I buy my carbon tubes from AliExpress, which is a Chinese Amazon. High quality stuff at a fraction of UK suppliers' cost. I have also bought my 6mm pneumatic push fit connectors from AliExpress. They are the same items sold here for a lot more. I get one connector from China for the price of 5 from the UK and they are the same item. I have so many spares that I am going to resell on eBay :) I also bought my pneumatic actuators and solenoids from them.

There is crap on offer, just as there is here in the UK, so apply the same rules as you would when buying locally.

Are these what you are looking for?


Examples of what I have purchased from AliExpress:

Go-Pro style camera. My son borrowed it to use with his real one and said the results and quality were the same. Open up a Go-Pro and guess where the parts are made :) Unfortunately, got caught with import duty so final cost was £71

Pneumatic solenoid, actuator and push fit connectors:

Carbon fibre tubes:

Apart from screen and the four buttons underneath it, all switches and lamps:
I have SAAB puddle lights bought from eBay and they are fine. I believe they came from a company based in Hong Kong, sorry but I am struggling to find a photo of them switched on in my vast photo album of the car.

Edited: Just found a photo. This is under very bright garage lights but looks great at night.

desktop 006.JPG
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