Which Saloon???


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Ok, say like me you have £15k max to spend on a car and you want:

-4 door saloon, possibly hatch if it's rate good
-50mpg minimum on a run
-Doesn't look poo
-Plenty of equipment (Cruise Control, Bluetooth, hopefully Sat Nav, heated seats etc etc)
-Comfortable as mostly long motorway journeys

What do you buy? :amazed::amazed:

Leaning towards C220 CDI Sports atm.....
I found the merc is less powerful unless your looking at a C350. I have a 2.0 an Audi cabriolet which i had remapped and was very pleased with it, I've now given that to the wife and went and bought a BMW 330d M Sport. The BMW is superb, powerful and very good on the juice, average 50 mpg easy if driven sensibly, which is hard as it's a blinder to drive.
Because from too much reading it will really really struggle to get 50mpg (really), and they're a wee bit pricier so I could get a better spec/nicer 330D for the same money.
Why would a VXR8 be unreliable? It's a far less complex machine than most, not much fancy electronics and a V8 engine. Wouldn't want the mpg though aye, and MA has his mental RS to hoon about in.
lol, friend has a VXR8 and i love it, such a lazy engine.

bar the clutch has been 100% reliable!

does do 45mpg.....if your very gentle... but cough and it goes to 6.....or 2mpg LOL
Exactly - then again a 535d driven in anger won't be much better.

But driven with some restraint (say no more than 80mph on the M way) and with anticipation you will likely see 45-45mpg reliably

Problem is that the 535d/335d is so damned alluring with its instant torque it's hard to resist the temptation
That was the problem with my 306. After tuning it, there was so much usable torque, you would quite often find yourself putting your foot down. As much as I loved it, my ZR is far more economical as there isn't a massive pull on it, so I find my self driving in higher gears. Saves me so much money, unlike my 306!
TBH having had the signum 3.2V6 my liking for large petrol engines has gone away a lot. I mean I love the sound, the grunt, the scream and if I was as rich as I'd have a supercharged V8. But when you can get the grunt and still do 40/50 mpg I think it's going to be purely remapped diesels for me from now on.

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