Which one: SLK55 or SL55 AMG...?


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Hi All..

OK, so I have sold the Freelander and the W8 is going on eBay shortly.. So I have been tempted by something radically different as a new toy. I'm very much a 4wd fan, but I fancy something rear wheel drive for the sheer hell of it. That and I've never a tin-top, so I'm toying between these two convertibles...



Both can be had for similar money... but the SL55 would be a 02/03 and the SLK55 could be a 04/05 with half the mileage.

The SL is 500hp and the SLK is 360hp but notably lighter. The SL is 5 speed, the SLK is 7 speed. I think the SLK looks more modern, but the SL is actually more attractive.

I'm completely torn...

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The SL of course! and if such a choice needed a debate from the TC crew, then you are not the truly infamous Rob Bentley! :lol:
What a dreadful decision to have to make!!

Either will be very good, though I suspect the earlier car will be better built. MB of late does not have the best of build quality reputations.
with ma here

is a big girls car

i would of kept the w8 much better car

have driven a lot of slk's all under powered and a bad ride i fill

plus i dont like mercs they dont make a good car any more

Oh your going straight to hell for that one! :)
has to be the SL, the other one does see a bit 'girlie'. A woman near where i live has an SLK and with a bloke driving it just looks a bit .......
I'd have to say the SL. To me the SLK is like a S.W.A.T. team very well planned but more over the top then needed in some way and it almost feels like it gives it all away from go. Where as the SL is more like the secret service, refined executed well but not in tactical formatin with a helmet on and an automatic weapon. Shure the secret service agent(SL) still has the power and then some, but it doesn't seem to lay it all out as much as the S.W.A.T. guy(SLK). Better to have the Hp and not need it then need and not have. Having said this I realize this all depends on the type of person the driver is and there personality will ultimately guide them toward the better choice.

P.S.- I'm not shure weather the SLK has them as well but I got stuck on the fact that the SL has soft close doors. It's the simple attention to details I'm all for. LOL
I'm with Aston on this one, for the same money get a Jaaaag, Mercs have mostly been well underpowered for their weight apart from the AMG models, if it's a tin top convertible you want you may as well get a Renault megane or a Peugeot 308 cc there won't be any difference apart from the price :lol:

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