where to start on my dc2?

roy boy

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fife scotland
integra dc2 type r
orite am new to this!
av just got my self a 98 uk model dc2 type r
clean good car at 43000 miles :bigsmile: just got a aem induction kit
what should i go for next? been told to get a full system,vtech controler and a set of skunk 2 cams?? any one got any ideas or advise?? :confused: cheers
Re: where to sart on my dc2?

hi mate, welcome to tc

ive heard that vtec controllers are s;;t
a full system (exhaust i presume?)
high lift cams, ive had cams in my civic type r and it beat normal integras type r
so they do make a lot of differance
Re: where to sart on my dc2?

yeah exhaust lol
cheers m8 what cams did u have on the civ?
dont know
some mad jap fella done it before it came in

a lot of my mates drove my car and cokpared it to other civic type r
and they all said it was way over 200 bhp, and i done no tuning to that car myself
when i got a timing belt done, the cams were pink, thats all i know
Re: where to sart on my dc2?

Intake headers make a difference on those.
Re: where to sart on my dc2?

yeah intake and exhaust (headers) manifold,
remap will lower the vtec as well so you come into the power earlier

if youve got money supercharge it
Re: where to sart on my dc2?

what kind of supercharger? if i got a new manifold for the teg would i have to get an diffrent one if superchared it? cause i ken u do if u turbo it?? cheers
Re: where to sart on my dc2?

The supercharger doesn't affect the exhaust manifold it generally connects between the filter and the intake manifold though. You can make most fit in most applications.

Poly bushes are also worth considering. Prevtec just has his prelude done and was very impressed with the improved handling.
Re: where to sart on my dc2?

I get told alot of things that i should do but it all depends on what you want out of the car. Mepersonally, i just want a fast N/A car that puts it to stock Skylines and things like that. All i have is a highflow exhaust and i am getting k-pro on the stock motor in about 8 months, maybe some lighter wheels too :). Was told that airbox andfilters is fine but you can go a highflow filter but keep standard box as they are really good as is. This site i foundhas heaps of helpful tips.
Re: where to sart on my dc2?

Now this is a thread revival! I used to own a Honda back when this was started! The stock intake in Hondas are quite good from the factory but of course there is always room for improvement. Lightweight flywheel is a good idea and of course plenty of breathing mods. After that the only way will be forced induction.
Re: where to sart on my dc2?

Agreed :)

There isnt much in the Integra forum, i will soon change that though, lol. I will have a million questions :)

Great stuff, the more questions you post in that forum the more readers it will attract who will want to add to it :)

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