Whens your next track day

Still waiting for the two groups I'm involved in to get their act together. We usually get the numbers to 30 so that we can keep the track day price below £160. Shortlisted is Snetterton and Oulton Park with Rockingham another possibilty. This should happen around the end of April all being well.
Snetterton is an awesome circuit Oz. And now they have improved it, it's even better.
Word of warning though. stay off the curbs on the apex, they are huge!!! ;)
They raised them too stop touring cars cutting the corners.
I marshalled Murray's corner at Snetterton and had a faller come off coming into the bend.
His machine hit the curb and exploded into a thousand pieces all over the track, that is how high they are.
Oh you can get round it without using the curbs. I just thought i'd give you a heads up so you don't go barreling into a corner and have to use the curb.
It's the very inside of the curb on the apex.
There is a bit you can touch but if you go too into it, it's raised too stop touring cars cutting it too much.
Cheers TN, you know what it's like, you take out track day insurance but you NEVER want to find out how good they are ;)
Will be heading to Queensland Raceway also known as "The Paperclip" as it is only app 50 minutes away to enter the road registered street sprints nxt month.They can make 4 different track layouts but it is a fairly flat track.

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