When was your last wheel alignment done ?


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2011 Honda FN2
These days with long time or mileage between services IMO it is important to inspect the tyres at least monthly to check for any sidewall damage along with the tyre pressures as well as unusual wear patterns like feathering on edges or wearing more on one side that indicates that something is amiss with the front end geometry and the alignment of the camber,toe & caster needs checking and reset to factory specs

Reasons for unusual tyre wear may come from worn ball joints, wheel bearings or from hitting potholes or kerbs as well as incorrect pressures.

IMO instruction on basic car maintenance should be a part of testing to gain a license in the first place.
When I parked on the drive, the fronts were in line with the rears! ;) :lol:

I get wheels aligned when I change tyres or if there is a knock, or it seems to be pulling to one side, dragging or tyre wear is uneven. It is not often though, I guess I've been lucky and haven't been forced into a kerb recently. Although I did hit a pot hole quite hard last year.
Reminds me of a time when I was in my 20's and had a Hungarian workmate and he told me his tyres didn't last and squeaked when turning.
I said "you need a wheel alignment"
He said " veel alignment votsa that?"
FYI he bought it 8 years earlier and drove it to work every day in that condition :eek:
I keep a check on my tyres /tires for any signs of unusual wear and get the alignment checked every 10000 klm's as the cost is normally negated by longer tyre life.
I’d happily go and pay for my motor inspection if rent/bills/tax wasn’t so expensive. My steering does feel like as if it isn’t aligned, a little to the right is straight for me.

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