Wrench Pro

just wondering. are there any rims out there that make 3 stud wheels look remotely ok? as at the moment i hate the things!

if not, how hard is it to convert to 4 stud hubs?

its a mark2 106. so im guessing GTi hubs would fit strait on?? or is it case of just putting GTi discs and drums??
I don't think the GTi is 3 stud matey..

I'm not sure how hard the conversion is, but I'd imagine parts wouldn't be all that expaensive..
yeah i mean could i fit GTi hubs onto my car, seeing as mine is 3 stud wheels and the GTi is 4 stud. (i think!!)

im hoping itll work!!
have you heard of a place called lethal auto design. look it up. my mate has a 106 1.1 and got some wkd looking wheels from there and for 14inch and low profile tyres he got them all for £550. he could only get that size due to the amount he lowered it lol. the car had problems going over speed bumps and even small cracks in the road lol.

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