Wheel spacers


Chevy Lacetti CDX
Would wheel spacers improve handling on an A2? I've been thinking of getting some fitted. I know it will improve the looks as it needs a slightly wider look lower down.
You'd go far better with wider wheels. How much of a spacer are you thinking of doing. Sumtimes you need to change the suspension setup to keep the wheels at the right angle.
about 15mm 20mm is the max on the a2 I think but I've been told that at 20mm the wheels might rub on the arches. wouldn't wider wheels cause more drag and slow the acceleration down? I already have 17" kei racing alloys on it with 205 tyres, but its still not wide enough.
Wider wheels would give more grip, but yes you will get slightly slower acceleration. The plus side though is less wheelspin so this can improve acceleration in high power setups.

Personally I would only use spacers if I needed clearance for the brakes. As a purley cosmetic modification I think they can be more trouble than they are worth. You must get longer bolts for the wheels and you need to be paranoid it is tightened up.

I doubt you will even notice the handling difference with such a small track extension as 15/20mm. Get your toe/camber set up properly and you will have a great handling car (see our article in tuning for more details on suspension settings.)

Recently PREVTEC added poly bushes to his car and he really rates the improved handling it gave him. I think this should be your next to do item.;)
I think I'll hold off and save the money for my next car, I don't think its worth doing anything to the car as the mods are limited as it is on this particular model anyway. The best mod is for me to just get a faster car.

Thanks for your help guys :)

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