What's wrong with my Smart Keys?


Honda Civic ES 1.8

The smart keys for my bmw 520d (2006) stopped working, both of them at the same time. I can still unlock the car manualy with a pull out key, but the lock/unlock and boot button all stopped working. The fact that both keys stopped working leads me to think it's not the batteries in fobs that failed and may just need to be reprogrammed.

Does anyone here know if the fobs can be reprogrammed and how?
On occasion something like this happens on some Saab & Vauxhall models. If your unlucky then you will require a new CIM unit for the car - mucho dinero!
If your feeling lucky then try this - put one of the key fobs into the ignition and switch the ignition "On" press the door "open" button on the key fob, wait a second then press the door "close" button on the key fob, wait a second then press the boot "open" button on the key fob then switch off the ignition and remove the key fob, close the door then try the fob again to see if the buttons are working.

Good luck buddy.
Don't scare me like that, man, I can't do much with this key:


You just stick the key in the slot and use the start/stop button for ignition. When the key is in the slot, I can only press the boot button.... which I did. There are manuals for reprograming the normal keys, but haven't found any for smart keys. I hope it's just a bad coincidence and both batteries just failed

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