What's the worst sounding engine you've ever had the misfortune to hear?

My mate's Daewoo Matiz...it sounds like somebody coughing when it starts and every time it's revved past 2000rpm it sounds like it is gonna blow!!
There was a ROBIN RELIANT going round the town a few years back with a Massive exhaust. The engine is only something like 0.5litres! It sounded like a midget farting in a didgeridoo!:lol:
I hated diesels with intensity until Audi forced me to test drive a 2.5 V6 TDi back in 1999. I'm no dyed in the wool diesel fan, that's for sure.
That's a good point indeed, I'd tried the 2.0 HDi Peugeot cars around the same time and my thoughts were simply that it was another bloody diesel.

The A6 was a sultry beast - quick and quiet
my wife 1st car a 1.1 metro. it was about a year and a half after she sold it it. i had a go as it was a mate who had bought it to learn to drive in. it was only running 3 cylinders and sounded like it would blow at any time

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