Whats the worst car you've ever owned or driven


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What would you say rates as the worst car you've ever owned or driven?

For me the worst driven was a hire car, a diesel 207 and the steering just felt so vague and wooley it was dangerous.

The worst car Iv'e owned was a MK2 Astra, and it needed serious amounts of welding, with the front suspension mounts rusted almost right through, warped brake discs and lots of other issues, I ended up selling it as it was going to cost me so much to repair. It was also the first car I ever bought over the phone without inspecting it and was the last I purchased this way.
Once drove, as a hire car, a 2015 Astra. Hated it.
The A pillar was so big I couldn't see an entire section of road and the rear window so small as to be practically pointless for the purpose of seeing through it.
Had it for 2 days before demanding to be given something else. Was given a Vectra. Just as bad.

Mentioned this at work and someone said they had been a Vauxhall owner their whole driving life. Until 2015 when they noticed the same and switched to something else.

Moral of the story - new Vauxhalls have crap visibility.
I had a classic mini, it was a money pit, I spend £1000's on it and it was still a very old unreliable car!
A 2.8 injection Capri, back in the 80's it was a nightmare to drive in the wet, sliding all over the road, and it cost me a fortune in repairs. It sounded lovely when it was running well, but it often had damp problems, didn't like running when hot, or starting when cold etc etc etc. :lol:

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