What's the worst car you've ever owned and why?


Middlesbrough, England
Fabia 1.2 HTP
For me it's the Nissan Micra 1.0 T reg. I realise that i don't have a huge car history...actually it's just the micra and my current fabia :blink:

The gearbox on the micra was awful, if you ever went for 3rd you had to cross your fingers and hope for t'best!

So how about you??
alfa romeu 145 1.4 boxer engine. 90 bhp of pure donkeysand very thirsty... poor handling and the electrics didn't help the whole experience. i end up driving it allways at full trotle
and crashed eventualy..... scrap yard it went !
It was a used one. Circa 3 years old. In fairness the dealer hadn't tried to sell me a lemon. He was just unfortunate and lost money because the car ended up at auction for less than he'd paid the previous owner as a trade in value.
Probably a short-lived Renault 5, no end of problems and blowing headgaskets, when it reached number four I drove it into the scrapyard and tossed them the keys! Over 30 years I haven't really had that many bad cars that were etched into my memory.
Suzuki SJ413, I was Young & stoopid (as opposed to being old & stoopid now) the bloke selling it ripped me off. The engine was shot to & needed replacing & he obviously bodged up just enough to sell it on. At the time I was working in a biker pub & the guys offered to pay the seller a visit & re-arrange his knees... sometimes I wish I let them do it.
I'll change my worst car to the Astra I bought off a friend without actually even seeing it. It was rusty underneath, things kept braking on me, including the front suspension mounts, brake discs and most of the electrics had random electric faults.

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