Whats the stupidest thing you've ever done?

On an early car I cross threaded a spark plug as I refitted it! I didn't even notice at the time till it blew right out ripping out most of the thread with it.

I've also crashed a car because I was fiddling/distracted by the radio. Not a mistake I have repeated since.
I've crashed 2 cars. 1st time I was playing on a laptop & the 2nd I was messing with the radio, but on both occasions I wasn't speeding, conditions where good ect.

I'd say about 90% of the time I drive in shall we say a 'spirited' manner & I've never come close to another accident.

Driving on the limit = better concentration, more awareness of your cars limits & your own & safer roads.:amuse:
I spilt a load of boiling water on my foot last week .....................

That was pretty stupid
Ouch, sound expensive....

I did a similar thing in the 306, there's some nice twisty back roads by me and there are very rally esque, and there was a crest that actually was a bit of a jump, I went over it at speed and put a dent in my oil sump and a hole in the airbox..... I'd never do it again...
car wise? hmmmm, i cut a corner too tight and put a dent in the sill hitting a bouy that was there to stop vans cutting across the pavement in weymouth town centre... although to be fair i was trying to avoid a car towing a trailer that was coming the other way.
and personally, i cracked two ribs doing front flips whilst i may or may not have been slightly inebriated...
lol, well, I can safely say most of us have done the most stupid thing while under the influance, I can't count mine, and I daren't share them....
I can honestly say that I have never done anything stupid while intoxicated. Of course drinking shine, I'm lucky I was even coherent let alone mobile.
Car wise..... Snapping both driveshafts within a month of each other on my old Primera.

Other.... Walking home one new years day morning after an all night session in the pub and failing over and ripping my hand to bits comes close to the top. :lol::lol:
Don't know how I managed to cut both sides of my hand mind.:blink::confused:
Car-wise it's probably one of the times where I was racing and sitting well placed in the field gaining places each lap only to find the oil light on (big Mini indicator on dash) and ignoring it! Needless to say I had a DNF that day.

Personally I can think of a few but possibly getting blind drunk when an apprentice and getting stripped and left in the pub carpark chained to a lamp-post in broad daylight. Apparently there were a few ladies there, not that I remember one bit!
I haven't read all the comments in this thread yet but I bet I can beat them as of today...I dropped a nut down the dipstick tube & a couple of hours ago the engine locked up.:confused:
I haven't read all the comments in this thread yet but I bet I can beat them as of today...I dropped a nut down the dipstick tube & a couple of hours ago the engine locked up.:confused:

Well that must be a winner.

Car wise it would be crashing. Personally it was probably whilst I was drunk, for example rugby tackling a bollard. Let's just say I lost that one.
Dumbest thing I have ever done is to take my Cobalt SS to a mechanic who couldn't tell his elbow from a hole in the ground. I thought he was good. Turns out he was not. Still Aching about that.
Id been gambling and drinking in Vegas for about 13 hours solid, and not spoken to anyone in a few hours (and drinking heavily hence the $1400 down). Then some guy in a hand made suit, wearing a beray, with dredlocks came and sat next to me. Pulled out a money clip and changed about 5k into chips. Waitress came around and he ordered a drink

''Absolute and Crandbry please my dear'' He said, sounding like samual L jackson (looked a bit like him too, for all I new it could have been him :blink:)

The waitress looked at me and I thought I would be just as cool as him and oredered

''give me some absooolltte vodca ands somes crrannbrry juc woman'' in a slurred voice.

Looked a proper idiot. I maybe should have given talking a shot before trying to coppy some cool dude!! :D
put a cold air feed on rx8 drove through a puddle which i seen people turning round from and still decided i would get trough i did not water in the engine no more rx8 gutted was not the right word to describe how i felt
When i was 13 i brought a classic mini, i put a tinny little bracket to lower the steering wheel buy a couple of inches but didnt do it up propaly, couple days later was showing of how i had a mini to some older kids and went to take it round the block when i got back the bracket fell of the steering wheel droped and i drove the car through a fence on the end of my drive :D and my mother still dosnt know muwhahaha
Well today iv fitted (tried to) a coilover kit on my BMW E46 touring to find out the company have sent me the wrong kit so instead of my rear only dropping 20mm it now 65mm lower and the front and only going to be dropped 20mm as well but it is now about 70mm lower.... so get to remove the whole lot and put the old suspension back on the car until the right stuff has been sent to me.......
Oh, and I have also crossed a cross roads on a major road (A96 Inverness to Aberdeen Road) with out looking either ay :blink:

It was in a village called Fochabers (thats the name, honest, google it) and I had just dropped someone off down a back street. Was on my way back to the main road when I say a Chippy with an offer on, while trying to read the sign in my mirror I accidently crossed the busy road and went strate onto the other side! :amazed:

Someone must have been watching over me that day. The thing that annoyed me the most was that I had taken so little care in what I was doing.
Bought a hybrid turbo from Ebay via China and believed the advert when it said it would fit my car :embarrest:
Going out when very icy on my bike... Ended up kidding face first down a very long road. Being the tough kid I am, I did it again the year after! :lol:
I did this on my motorcross bike a couple of years ago. Hit a patch of ice an the front end went. Luckily I was only going slow at the time.

Going out when very icy on my bike... Ended up kidding face first down a very long road. Being the tough kid I am, I did it again the year after! :lol:
A couple of weeks ago i finelly connected my oil cooler!,i thought how do i know its flowing?.So i undid a pipe put a rag over the end of pipe,turned engine over a couple of times!.Youve probably guessed!,rag came away,oil all over engine and side of car,i wish i took a piccy!,it was a right mess!.Not often a do stupid things but this was one in a very long time,took ages to clean!!!!.
^^ Well I make it about 25 so far who have been brave enough to admit to doing certain silly things, out of a total membership of 22,560 to date, I would say there is a lot more to come! ;)

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