Whats the naughtiest thing you've seen a police car do.


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Today I saw a police car go through an Amber light, I also see them speeding and parking illegally without the blue lights on.

Its not fair that they do not have to obey the rules they enforce.
I agree - if the vehicle is not actively engaged in pursuit (and if the blues aren't in use then it's fair to assume that is isn't) then they should set a good example.

However, quite a lot of police are dead from the neck up so why would you expect them to understand the principles you suggest.
do they are quick enough to get at you for speeding passing on chevroned lines etc. but they do it so easyily themselves.
worst ive seen was a driver under instruction passing cars with traffic coming the other way both cars had to brake to allow it back in
Cant they be prosecuted for breaking the law if they are reported and evidence is provided? It is not fair.
Of course they can. Although most proper traffic police are excellent drivers and excel in dealing with other drivers there are a few that seem to get ideas above their station(s).

If you witness poor driving by a liveried (or unmarked) car then you're at liberty to report it. Clearly. little action is taken in general - how would you feel if your neighbour decided to report some minor action on your part and you were immediately prosecuted?

I do think that some of the Police/Camera/Action TV shows demonstrate that Police drivers can be very poor indeed.

Why, for example try and stay on the bumper of a 1.4 Clio (when the police are driving an Impreza) just in case it takes a LH corner. Let's say the Clio doesn't and then carries on at 60mph. The Impreza driver (police) could've afforded to slow to 5 mph for the corner just in case the Clio took it. If not, you'd be back with it in three seconds anyway.

Some police drivers are a bit short in forethought. Perhaps green tinted glasses would counter the red mist
just last week i was behind a police car on a national speed limit road and when he caught up with the car infront of him doing 40mph he sat on this womans rear end for about 2 miles then when it split for a dual carriage way i thought he would over take her but he just sat on her arse so i over took them both upto 70 mph i went straight across the island the woman turned left and next thing i see is the police car fly past me he must have been doing at least 90mph with no lights or siren
I cant proove this but...

It was a typical weekday around 5/6pm so Rush Hour was in full effect. I was behind a panda car at the lights, they went green and we drove down the road normally. A few minutes later, we hit a huge traffic jam.

The cop put his lights on, did a 3 point turn and pushed his way through the traffic. Now, maybe he received an emergency call and had to do what he did, or maybe he just couldnt be assed to wait :lol:
aye there shift prob finished at 6. didnt want to be late.
Its the same around here you see them driving back to lockerbie faster at half 2 as the shift changes at 3.
Getting back from the hospital last night about 3:30 am, an unmarked was driving around our estate with zero lights on, I only saw them as they pulled alongside as I was about to reverse into drive! :mad: I'm sure if I had no lights on they would have had plenty to say :?:

Chris.. :blink1:
ive seen one put his lights and siren on at every traffic light when it was on red just tog et through, then turned them both off afterwards, probably late for his dinner
just the other day i was traveling down the road at 30 and a police car suddenly pulled out from a side road causing me to swerve and him/her to slam the anchours on, no blues or siren. must have been late for tea
ive seen plod put there lights on to go through red lights only to switch them off the other side. ive also been passed in excess of 100 mph with no lights flashing!!

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