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Okay, between lockdown and general boredom:
What is the definition of "stage" tuning. I'm forever hearing/reading people saying "yeah it's stage four, mate!" but I have no idea what it means.
If anyone has a definitive answer please let us know, or alternatively just weigh in with your opinion on my ignorance, or how you feel the same and go along with it because it is the "norm"!

No alcohol involved! Okay, maybe a little!
This bugged me so much I wrote a whole article on it.

The terms are generally meaningless, although many view stage 1 as simple single mods that don't need other mods, stage 2 is where 2 or more mods must be applied at the same time to work together and stage 3 is viewed by most as a non road legal/not practical for the road, track or motorsport tune.

Sadly most people just view each stage as a step and each time they do mods, they add a stage to it!

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