What will I need to fit 208 wheels to 206cc


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I have seen reasonably priced 208 wheels but the slightly different to 206 fitment think they have different et and j sizes
I think my et is 27 and j is 6.5 wheels are 16 inch tyres 205 45 16

The 208 wheels I think are 17 inch 32et and 7 j with tyres 205 50 17

but if anyone knows different or have experience fitting these it would be helpful
The profile of the new tyre will need to be around 40 to fit in the arches without rubbing, if I recall correctly there is quite a bit of suspension travel on these, and adding 100mm to the rolling circumference of the wheel is quite likely to cause problems. However, on stiffer springs you may well get away with it..
Most if not all alloy wheels will have the specs on the back of them like the ET which is the offset and the smaller the number the further out they will go (widen the track) . they will also have the PCD and that is the number of studs and their diameter for example 5 X 114.3 or 4 x 100 etc plus the width and diameter. for example say 18 x 7.5 JJ

You can check the fitment on the "will they fit" site as that will enable you to discover exactly how they compare against your stock wheels.

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