what wheels should I consider for my 2002 Ford Fiesta 1.6 RSi?


Benoni, South Africa
'02 Fiesta 1.6 RSi
My brother got into an accident with our previous Ford Fiesta RSi, so we bought a new one. its completely stock except for the gloss black side mirrors and front lip. It's also been resprayed in a better coat of its original white colour. The wheels are stock standard and that does make the cars side profile quite boring. I have done some research into how to choose the best aftermarket wheels for your car and have learnt about the importance of dimensions, offset, and hole patterns, as well as weight and how it forms part of the unsprung weight and how it helps keep your tyres stuck to the ground. I would like to maximize the cars performance in this aspect and would like some advice on what wheels would be best suited to making the RSi look good and perform better.

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