What tread depth do you replace your tyres


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At what tread depth do you replace your tyres?

At a recent MOT Audi advised me that all tyres with 3mm were too low and that I should replace them. I didn't, especially as we were going into summer, if it was Winter time I may well have done.

What are your thoughts? When do you replace tyres on your car?
Over here tyres are still legal until they are down to the TWI's PROVIDED THAT they still have the same depth across the whole tread width however they would be dangerous in wet conditions due to the tyres tread designs shallow depths inability to disperse water and would be prone to hydroplaning = the tyres being lifted off the tarmac by a wedge of water building up in front of the tyre at speed leading to a loss of control.

When it comes to semi slick track day only tyres they handle / grip better as they don't roll around as much like they would when new with deeper tread. Some drivers even have new tyres buffed down to get a faster time.

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Unless the laws changed, the MOT manual stated the tyre tread minimum is 1.6mm for the entire circumference of the tyre and must be across 75% of the tyre width. Pretty much verbatim. However 3mm is the recommended change depth for many fleet vehicles, including Motability. I've been retired a good many years now but I see no reason for this to have changed.

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