what repairs it needs.


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Ford Focus mk2
I've had most of this suspension work done in December including tracking but it has been pulling to the left, even right after getting repairs fixed few months ago.

Got a suspension test but can't really understand on the form what needs doing the way it is laid out.

Bearing front
offside front wheel bearing noisy £125.92
Track rod end
offside track rod end worn to excess £68.33
Track rod end
offside inner rack end worn slightly £68.33
steering rack axial rod £88.33

I think I will try replacing tie rod ends myself but why does it say offside track rod end both on the same side ( offside track rod end) 2 x £68.33 as it is saying it is the same part, not left and right but just the left.

and what is steering wheel axial rod ? is that the track rod ? if it is why are they charging separate for that, why don't they just simply put replace both front track rod and track rod ends ?

Please help clear up as much as you can here. thank you
IMO any good workshop should be willing to put it on a hoist and demonstrate the worn parts they are suggesting need replacing so you have a better understanding of the work and costs involved.
IMO you also need to understand the difference between a quote ( a fixed price) NOTE get it in writing and an estimate (can be a wild guess and subject to change written or otherwise)
No additional works should be carried out without your approval BEFORE they are carried out.
It sounds like both ends need attention the inner and outer.

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