What is your experience with using fuel additives to clean diesel or petrol engine injectors?

The only one i actually noticed a difference with was bg44k & bg244 it cleared a dpf fault in one engine and smoothed a lumpy idle in another.

I also noticed better fuel economy each tone I've used it. It's now a once a year treatment just before the mot test.

I've tried loads over the years and not been really impressed to be frank.
I have used Shell V-power super diesel for a long time. I cant say it made a any difference to the performance, maybe slightly better mpg, but I have never had any engine or dpf problems, ever.
I have used fuel additives as a preventative method almost forever with no problems. They will help prevent water from condensation building up in the tank. I check the filter and water trap and no water ever.
I bung a bottle through a couple of times a year, just as a treat. It just helps to clean the varnish residue created by the heat around the injector nozzles, it definitely helps to keep things running a little smoother, and keeps the mpg up where it should be. I'm my humble opinion, it's worth doing, but not excessively.....

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