What is your best ebay bargain


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We often moan about being ripped off or getting shoddy standard goods from ebay sales but there are probably 900% more happy customers than sad ones.

What is your best car related ebay bargain?

I got a set of nice tailored car mats for £14 and they have worn pretty well a couple of years down the line.
I suppose the best bargin being one you got for a good price and were just plain lucky with the bidding.

I picked up a nice Cobra bucket seat, it ended xmas day and I was the only bidder......£50!

Also won a York multi-gym, was a last minute decision to bid and I won it for £58!

Trouble is I find I tend to buy more than I sell!
alot of my camera gear i get off ebay safe a lot of money that way just got a lenes today on the box it says £129 as it was from a shop i got it for 69 so a big saving there

but most of the trans am stuff i get from ebay.com a lot cheaper but real big bargains i dont know
Got a Ford Escort for £90 with T and T on it. Unsurprisingly it didn't pass its next MoT, but bearing in mind I hadn't had a car for four months it was the best thing in the world for the next four months.
got lots of irmscher stuff cheap as no one seems to know how to spell it,
a rear bumper, side skirts and an exhaust all brilliant makes for £100.
And some other random stuff like really bright light bulbs for pennies cant beat a bargain from the bay.
NYV 1989.JPG

Been after this for 20 years. Finally found on Ebay for $3 US including delivery!!!

Specifically for track no. 1: National Amnesia.

Brilliant 5 part vocal

It makes Manhattan Transfer sound like my kid's infant school choir
Found eBay good for tools, glue sticks, fibreglass and resin. I have spent thousands and saved hundreds compared to local and mail order shops.

However, you need to treat eBay as just another online shop and not get carried away. I tend to stick to sellers with positive feedbacks in 4 figures at least, unless I am after something unusual/rare. Anything expensive or large I will only buy from someone within driving distance so that I can check it out before handing over the cash.

I won a pair of screen trims for the Elan, but then found that the guy didn't accept PayPal. I was unhappy to send a cheque as there was no safety net like that offered by PayPal or a credit card. So the guy said, after we had had a chat and discovered that we were both Elan nuts, that he would send them to me and if they were acceptable I could then send the cheque! Now, that is trust, I wouldn't have done it! They were perfect so the cheque was swiftly sent off.

If all eBayers were like him it would be perfect. Unfortunately, however, it reflects real life.

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