What is the best looking Toyota

My wifes Rav...well she said it. :lol:
No this without doubt. :cool:

QS - I thought that model of Corolla with the cheese grater grill was ugly until I saw that pic. It shows what can be done with a little imagination and I bet it really shifts as well.
You cant beat the mkiv supra for looks. Still looks good even next to the new cars of today. Personally I think it looks a lot better than a lot of these new cars. They all seem to look a lot bigger these days too for some reason.
Regarding the GT86, its about time toyota got back to making what they make best.

For too long have we been imprisoned behind thine evil Yaris. For too long hath thine unholy Auris held us up & spread forth their grotesque tentacles far & wide over our car parks. Well no longer! May thine shining rays spread forth upon Toyota once more. & prey to the gods this be a turning point & a sign of things to come.

--<end of rant
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Saw an advert last night for the GT86, a sort of animated type effort.
It is a good looking car it has to be said :)

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