What is the best degreaser to use on your engine?


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2002 Clio 172
Thinking about a clean up so was wondering what you use to cut through the grease and grime that builds up on the engine.

I did use a spray on degreaser once but can't for the life of me remember what it is called.

Any suggestions on oil and grease removal products to get my car engine nice and shiny?
I used one called GUNK it worked really well. It comes in either a spray can which is quite easy to apply or in a bottle where it can be brushed on.

The ones formulated for engines are designed to avoid damaging the metal engine parts and the rubber and plastics.

The ones I would recommend are
No Nonsense
WD-40 solvent based cleaner
O'reilly foaming engine degreaser

Some even leave a residue gloss layer to help protect the engine from further damage.

Don't use a patio/driveway oil remover on your engine.

I've also seen people using ... :eek:

Whites spirit or Methylated spirits - this will destroy many rubber and plastics SO PLEASE DON'TUSE IT.

I've even been told that Petrol is great at removing oil and deposits from engines. Again, DON'T DO THIS. Putting a highly flammable liquid over an engine is never going to end well. The Benzine etc is a serious health hazard and should not be inhaled or contact the skin.
In my experience, the best brands for engine cleaner and degreaser are Junk, Chemical Guys, S100, WD-40, SuperClean, etc.
Now, I am using S100. I read about it in some articles. But I bought it after analyzing the customers' review. It is undoubtedly a wonderful product and I am happy with it. You can also try it.

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