What is high mileage and do you avoid it


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When buying a car what do you consider a high mileage and would you avoid buying it?

I personally think that an average of 24,000 a year is high and as long as it's been regularly serviced I would not mind buying it.

I wouldn't buy a new car with over 60,000 miles but that is just because the resale values drop significantly when it hits the 100,000 IMO - but I could be wrong.
If you are thinking about resale when you buy a car I would suggest you don't actually want that car.

Well I think that while some buy with the heart <B you should also use your head as there are some orphan makes that will plummet in value the moment it drives out the showroom door and will be difficult to offload when you tire of it.:eek:
I have 25 miles to go until I hit 100,000! That has gone quick! I wonder if the car will just stop working! ;)
If properly maintained and the cars had regular oil changes I can't see why 200,000 is not easily achievable nowadays.

It usually the wiring and electrics that let a car down, rather than the engine.
I avoid old and high mileage. I don't like fixing things when they go wrong and you get more reliability with new or low mileage cars.

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