What is best looking and most enjoyable to roll


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Hey there,

I just was basicly having thoughts about the Mitsubishis Lancer Evos, and been thinking from the Generation 1 until the Generation 11, 12 or 13 either of them and I must say since the 1. Generation of the Evo they quite a ride I know most of all from Colin McRae Rally and from the movies Taxi 2 Jackie Chan movie with the white Mitsubishi Evo 4 or 5 and Fast Furious 2 (worst part from all of them, but never mind the Evo looked like a Car Toy from Cereal Box with the color etc.. .)

Well I do not my self in Real Life what is like to drive a nice EVO and maybe a good topic (I do not know if there is a threat about this already, if yes sorry) but never mind.

For my opinion I find all the Generation at a nice point of stage with great power, torque, handling, acceleration etc,,, never mind UK cops using EVOs and Subarus.

But from all the generation 'til now I find at best looking the Generations between 4 and 7. At best the generation 5.

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