What essential ingredients does a fun car need?


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What are the essential ingredients for a fun car?

Which of the following are important to you (can't live without them in a fun car) and which are just not important at all to you?
  • Small and light
  • Big and powerful
  • Turbo or NASP
  • Powerful engine
  • Nice sounding engine
  • Great handling
  • Good acceleration
  • High top speed
  • Superb brakes
  • Nice seats
  • Lots of gadgets?
So you've found the perfect car! NICE!

A friend has the YSL edition MX5 with red leather, and it was great fun.

Good to hear from you @mlm1961 how has your car life been since we've last seen you? Still got that lovely Integrale?
Well I think my Honda Type R has some if the things on the list like

Even better Brakes now it has a BBK
Excellent handling and grip that has been improved with 2 deg neg front camber and a rear ARB
A great NA motor that goes all the way to it's 8200 rpm cut out
A close ratio 6 speed gearbox feeding power into a mechanical LSD
Recaro seats

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