What does this dashboard light mean, it is an explanation mark with a cog around it ??


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Ford Focus mk2
I drive a 2006 mk2 ford focus sport 1.8 TDCI, 5 speed manual. I've had it 18 months or so

My car clunks when you bring clutch up but not in gears 4-5. it goes into every gear absolutely perfectly. I just get a clunk noise. I hope it is just a mount or missing bolts, got it booked in soon to get looked at. I noticed the noise a few days after I bought it .

Anyway, I sometimes get a light on but only comes on and off in a split second, it is like a parking brake light but has a red cog around it, it hardly comes on anymore , in fact it only comes on briefly when my maf sensor/wiring to it is playing up, comes on for a split second hen goes off.

somebody said that light means transmission, somebody else says powertrain.

what is it ?

thank you so much !
It's your power train warning light (see attachment). It indicates a fault somewhere, perhaps your MAF sensor/wiring that you mention or it could be glow plugs or turbo leak, any number of things. Have you haf the car scanned for trouble codes?


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