What does a tune up mean to you


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I heard some mates talking the other day and one told his mate to take his car in for a tune up.

What does the phrase "a tune up" mean to you?

I think of using a strobe light and wiggling the distributer cap to get the timing right but I think a lot of people would probably include other things in this.

Perhaps he meant a service which in my book is well different to a tune up.
With my budget, first thing i go for is better airflow and custom exshaust system. And if the car was old i'd go for a serious clean up in the engine department and a decent service...:confused:
A tune-up is something that might have been applied to carb fed petrol cars in the 1970s/1980s by a franchise such as Hometune in the UK. At that time ignition systems were usually of the electro-mechanical type and some simple adjustments might well be worthwhile.

It's an era I remember fondly, - life was more straightforward - cars were simple under the bonnet as well.
For me it has to do with timing and fuel delivery. The act of tuning in my mind requires that all the engines factors are balanced and optimised for the desired end result.

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